List of Departments at Minnesota State
Saas/Admin Services
Saas/Admin Services Supervisor
Safe at Home
Safety & Operations Management
Safety & TIFM
Safety & Workers Comp
Sage Clinical Services Staff
Sage Clinical Services Sup
Sage Patient Navigation Staff
Sage Program Support Staff
Sage Program Support Sup
Sage Programs Director
Sales & Use Tax Asst Dir
Sales & Use Tax Asst Director
Sales & Use Tax Division
Sales and Marketing
Sales Office
Sales Support
Sales-Audit Project Unit
Sales-Metro 2
Sales-Metro 3
Sales-Metro 4
Sales-Metro 6
Sales-Metro 7
Sales-Metro 8
Sales-Metro 9
Sales-Northwest MN
Sales-OOS Unit 1
Sales-OOS Unit 2
Sales-Policy Services
Sales-South Region
Sales-Southern Region
Sales-Tech & Edu Services
Sales-Txpyr & Compliance Svcs
Salesforce Center of Excellenc
SCA Internal Audit
SCAO - Internal Audit CAAP
SCAO Internal Audit CARP
SCF - Administration
SCF Claims Reimb & Penalties
SCF Special Claims
School Bus Safety
School Effectiveness
School Finance
School Inspections/State Code
School Nutrition Programs
School Programs
School Safety Tech Asst Ctr
School Support
School Trust Fund Lands
School Trust Lands Staff
SCL A/W Administration
SCL A/W Operations
SCL Accounting Supervisor
SCL Building Maintenance Supv
SCL Captain
SCL CD Program Director
SCL Clinical Prog Therapists
SCL Construction Project Lt
SCL Detainer Admin Unit Supv
SCL Discipline Unit Supervisor
SCL Education Director's Staff
SCL Employee Develop CO-Train
SCL Employee Develop Supv Staf
SCL Food Services Director
SCL Human Resources Dir
SCL Human Resources Dir Staff
SCL Investigations Stf-Intell
SCL Investigations Stf-Law Enf
SCL Lieutenant-A
SCL Lieutenant-B
SCL Lieutenant-C
SCL Lieutenant-D
SCL Lieutenant-E
SCL Lieutenant-F
SCL Lieutenant-G
SCL Lieutenant-H
SCL Lieutenant-I
SCL Lieutenant-O
SCL Lieutenant-P
SCL Lieutenant-R
SCL LPN Admin Supervisor A
SCL Medical Specialist
SCL Physical Plant Director
SCL Power Plant Chief Engineer
SCL Power Plant Engineers
SCL Program Director-A
SCL Program Director-B
SCL Program Director-D
SCL Program Director-E
SCL Psychological Sv Dir Staff
SCL Psychological Svs Dir
SCL Psychologist Supervisor
SCL Records Director
SCL Records Supervisor
SCL RN Admin Supervisor
SCL RN Admin Supervisors Staff
SCL RN Supervisor A
SCL Safety Administrator
SCL Statewide Special Ed
SCL Training Manager
SCL Victim Assist/RJ Supv
SCL Warden's Staff
SD End User Support Sups
SD Infrastructure 1st Shift
SD Infrastructure 2nd Shift
SD Infrastructure 3rd Shift
SD Infrastructure Floater-2
SD Infrastructure Sups
Second District-Carlson
Second District-Carter
Second District-Fleming
Second District-Iversen
Second District-Malone
Second Judicial District FT
Second Judicial District PT
Second Level Network & Support
Security Apps & Svc Mgmt Sups
Security Chief
Security Compliance - PCI
Security Ops Sups
Security Services A
Security Services B
Security Services C
Security Services Supervisors
Security Staff
Seed Unit Staff
Seed Weed Bio-Tech & Hemp SS
Seed Weed Bio-Tech&HempSecMg
SEGIP Research
Self Loan Division
Self Loan Legal
Self Loan Management
Sentencing Guidelines Comm
Sentencing Guidelines Commissn
Sequencing/Bioinformatics Stf
Sequencing/Bioinformatics Sup
Server & AD Supervisors
Server File & Print
Server-Storage-Backup Mgmt
Service & Knowledge Mgmt
Service Call Center
Service Desk
Service Management Staff
Service Management Sup
Seventh District
Seventh District Management
Seventh District Moorhead
Seventh District-Fergus Falls
Seventh Judicial District
Seventh Judicial District Pt
SF Prop Preserv & Impact
SF-BSPS & Process/Admin
SF-Bus Ops Super
SF-Business Relationships
SF-Comm Initiative Super
SF-HO HI Supervisors
SF-Lending Prog Mgmt
SF-Ops Risk Mgmt
SF-Specialty Programs
Sg Pt Recruit & Outreach Staff
Sg Pt Recruit & Outreach Sup
Shakopee Subarea
SHK A/W Administration
SHK A/W Operations
SHK Building Maintenance Forem
SHK Captain
SHK CIP Supervisor
SHK CIP Supervisors Staff
SHK Clinical Prog Therapists
SHK Corr Officer Trainees
SHK Corr Prog Dir-BH
SHK Corr Prog Dir-CD
SHK Corr Prog Dir-Units
SHK Discipline Unit Supervisor
SHK Education Director
SHK Education Director's Staff
SHK Financial Mgmt Director
SHK Food Services Supervisor
SHK Health Services Director
SHK Human Resources Staff
SHK Industry Director
SHK Industry Director's Staff
SHK Industry Production Supv
SHK Institution Services Staff
SHK Investigations Stf-Intell
SHK InvestigationsStf-LawEnf
SHK Lieutenant-Unit A
SHK Lieutenant-Unit B
SHK Lieutenant-Unit C
SHK Lieutenant-WC 1st Watch-B
SHK Lieutenant-WC 1st Watch-A
SHK Lieutenant-WC 2nd Watch
SHK Lieutenant-WC 3rd Watch-A
SHK Lieutenant-WC 3rd Watch-B
SHK Lieutenant-WC Relief
SHK Physical Plant Director
SHK Prog Dir-Units/Case Mgmt
SHK Psychological Sv Dir Staff
SHK Records Staff Supervisor
SHK Records Supervisor
SHK RN Admin Supervisor
SHK RN Admin Supervisors Staff
SHK RN Supervisor
SHK RN Supervisor A
SHK Safety Administrator
SHK Training Manager
SHK Warden's Staff
Shore Subarea
SHPO-Review and Compliance
Sign Shop Baxter
Sign Shop Owatonna
Sign Shop Rochester
Sign Shop St Cloud
Signal Operations
Signs & Markings
SIM Community Integration Stf
Single Audit
SIRS MA Prov Inv
SIRS Prov Fraud Investigation
SIRS Provider Investigations
Site Assessment & Consult
Site Assessment & Consult Sv
Sixth Judicial District
Sixth Judicial District Pt
Skilled Trades Services
SmART Mgmt & Administration
Smooth Pavement Days
Smooth Pavement Nights
Smooth Pavement Ops
SNAP Employment & Training
Social Security Advocacy
Social Services Department
Software as a Service
Software Delivery
Software Licensing Supervisor
Soils and Materials
Solution Architecture
South Area Manager
South East Subarea
South Region Operations Superv
South Subarea
South West Subarea
Southeast Area
Southern Region
Southwest Area
Sp Ed Interagency Partnerships
Sp Ed Rsch Pract&Implemntation
Spec Ed Monitoring &Assistance
Spec Taxes-Assistant Director
Spec Tx-CigaretteAlc&Tobacco
Spec Tx-Insurance & Environ
Spec Tx-Lawful Gamb & UBIT
Spec Tx-Minerals
Spec Tx-MinnesotaCare
Spec Tx-Petro Mortgage & Deed
Spec Tx-Systems &Trng & Comm
Special Compensation Fund
Special Ed Fiscal&Adm Services
Special Education
Special Education Funding
Special Events
Special Investigations
Special Needs Services
Special Projects & Initiatives
Special Taxes Division
Specialty & Tech Innovations
Spring Lake Park Bridge
Spring Lake Park Subarea
SPRTC Distribution Center
Sr Dir of Veteran Prog & Svcs
SSB Administrative SVS
SSB AdministrativeSVS X
SSB Assistive & Adaptive TechX
SSB Braille
SSB Business Enterprises
SSB Comm Ctr/Seniors SVS X
SSB Radio Talking Book
SSB Senior SVS Unit X
SSB Workforce Development
SSB Workforce Development X
St Cloud D 2600 Clerical
St Cloud D 2600 Supervisors
St Cloud D 2600 Troopers
St Cloud Maint Staff
St Cloud Maint Supervisor
St Cloud Security Staff
St Cloud Security Supervisor
St James Subarea
St Paul AASF Staff
St Paul AASF Supervisor
St. Cloud A Staff
St. Cloud A Supervisor
St. Cloud B Staff
St. Cloud B Sup
Staff Physicians Supervisors
Stakeholder Communications
STAR Program
State & Community Services
State Aid
State Aid Div Administration
State Aid Division
State Aid Office
State Aid Plans
State Approving Agcy
State Archaeologist
State Auditors Office
State Board Of Investment(SBI)
State Chief Information Ofcr
State Court Adm Deputy
State Court Administration
State Demographer
State Energy Office
State Epidemiologist
State Epidemiologist Staff
State Library Services FB
State Library Services RV
State Paid Part-Time
State Patrol
State Patrol Adm Support
State Patrol Adm Support Staff
State Patrol Chiefs Staff
State Patrol Fleet Management
State Patrol Metro Comm Supp
State Patrol Metro Communicati
State Patrol Mgmt
State Patrol Operations
State Patrol Special Operation
State Patrol Training Center
State Patrol Training Team 1
State Patrol Training Team 2
State Program Administrator
State Public Defender
State Registrar-Manager
State Sign Shop
State Soldiers Assist Prog
StatePatrol Public Information
Statewide Accounting
Statewide Applications Mgr
Statewide Applications Staff
Statewide Radio Communications
Statewide Recruiter Support
Statewide Striping
STD & HIV Section Manager
STD & HIV Section Mgmt Staff
Strategic BAs
Strategic Operations
Strategic Partnerships
Strategic Plan & Proj II Mgr
Strategic Planning & Proj II
Strategy Director's Office
Student Maltreatment Program
Student Nutrition
Student Services
Student Support Division
Student Support Programs
Student Support Services
STW Reserves
STW A/W Administration
STW A/W Operations
STW Accounting Manager
STW Accounting Manager's Staff
STW Accounting Supervisor
STW Administrative Program Dir
STW Building Maintenance Supv
STW Canteen/Property Supv
STW Captain-Transportation
STW Clinical Prog Therapists
STW Clinical Prog Therapists 2
STW Corr Captain A
STW Corr Captain B
STW Corr Supervisor-Atlantis
STW Education Director
STW Education Director's Staff
STW Electronic Maintenance Sup
STW Employee Devel Supv Staff
STW Facilities Reentry Manager
STW Factory Manager
STW Food Services Supervisor
STW Health Services Supervisor
STW Human Resources Dir Staff
STW Industry Director
STW Industry Prod Supv A
STW Industry Prod Supv B
STW Industry Prod Supv C
STW Industry Prod Supv D
STW Investigations Stf-Intell
STW Investigations Stf-Law Enf
STW Lieut-CH D/Kitchen/Atlanti
STW Lieutenant 1st Watch - A
STW Lieutenant 1st Watch - B
STW Lieutenant 2nd Watch - A
STW Lieutenant 2nd Watch - B
STW Lieutenant 3rd Watch - A
STW Lieutenant 3rd Watch - B
STW Lieutenant 3rd Watch - C
STW Lieutenant-A East
STW Lieutenant-A West
STW Lieutenant-B East
STW Lieutenant-B West
STW Lieutenant-Control Unit
STW Lieutenant-Due Process
STW Lieutenant-Industry A
STW Lieutenant-Industry B
STW Lieutenant-Kitchen/Activit
STW Lieutenant-MSU
STW Lieutenant-Recreation
STW Lieutenant-Segregation
STW Lieutenant-Visiting
STW Mailroom Supervisor
STW OPS Program Director 1
STW OPS Program Director 2
STW OPS Program Director 3
STW Physical Plant Director
STW Plumber Supervisor
STW Power Plant Engineer
STW Psychological Services Dir
STW Purchasing Directors Staff
STW Records Supervisor
STW Resid Svs Mgr-Psych Staff
STW RN Admin Supervisor
STW RN Admin Supervisors Staff
STW RN Supervisor
STW Safety Administrator
STW Victim Assist/RJ Manager
STW Warden's Staff
Subarea Albert Lea
Subarea Austin
Subarea Dresbach
Subarea Owatonna
Subarea Red Wing
Subarea Rochester
Subarea Stewartville
Subarea Winona
Subrecipient Monitoring Coord
Subrecipient Monitoring Staff
Suicide Prevention Staff
Suicide Prevention Supervisor
Sup Ct. Judges
Supervisors & IT
Support Services Unit
Support Staff
Support Unit
Supreme Court
Surplus Operations
Surplus Services
Surveys Baxter
Surveys St Cloud
Sustainability & Public Health
SW Std Assess & Data Analytics
SWIFT Financials
SWIFT Functional Support
SWIFT System Support
SWIFT Training & Help Desk
Sys Software & Database
System Development
System Maintenance
Systems & Communications
Systems Administration
Systems Analysis
Systems and BA Sup 1
Systems Management

Random Job Titles from Minnesota State Salaries
Corr Program & Policy Monitor
Accounting Supervisor Princ
State Archaeologist
Jud Court Administrator III
Exec 2
Security Shift Supervisor
Investigator-Corrections Intel
Human Resources Director 1
Information Director
NR Area Supv T & W

Random Departments from Minnesota State Salaries
8th Renville Judge
GAL Program Administrator
LL Behavioral Health Assoc Dir
LS Child Care Licensing Unit
FMR AP-Purchasing-SmART
MSOP Executive Operations
Finance Process Staff
Legal Mgt Admin Law

Random Agencies from Minnesota State Salaries
Psychology Board
Sentencing Guidelines Comm
Legislative Coordinating Comm
Iron Range Resources & Rehab
Public Utilities Comm
Veterans Affairs Dept
Pharmacy Board
Nursing Board
Amateur Sports Comm
Animal Health Board

Random Locations from Minnesota State Salaries
Location NameZip Code
Hibbing Airport Dispatch Off 0
Caledonia Office 0
GALBD-Jud Dist 7 Remote 0
Alexandria 0
MNIT DOC Stillwater 0
DHS FOR Medical Svcs Admin 0
2nd District Public Defender 0
Watertown Office 0
Cosmetologist Examiners Board 0
DS Disability Service Operatn 0