List of Departments at Minnesota State
E-Health Initiative & Info Sta
E-Health Initiative & Info Sup
EAO AAS Air Data Analysis Unit
EAO AAS Air Monitoring Unit
EAO AAS Air Policy Unit
EAO AAS RiskEval&AirModelUnit
EAO Asst Division Director
EAO Division Managers
EAO Division Water&Assess Sect
EAO Env Analysis & GW ServUnit
EAO Enviro Data Quality Unit
EAO LT-Rvr Mntr&Cont Data Unit
EAO REM Bus Support Unit 1
EAO REM Business Support Unit
EAO WAEI Effluent Limits Unit
EAO WAEI WQ Standards Unit
EAO WM North Bio Monitor Unit
EAO WM South Bio Monitor Unit
EAOEnviro Data Quality Section
EAP Admin
EAP Program
Early Childhood Services
Early Childhood Spec Ed Svcs
Early Learning Services
Early Lrng Challenge Activ
Easement Mapping
Easement Programs Unit
Easement Title
East Area Manager
East Central Subarea
East Metro D 2400 Clerical
East Metro D 2400 Supervisors
East Metro D 2400 Troopers
East Operations Mgr
ECO Waters Admin Unit
ECO Waters Co Nongame
ECO Waters County Bio Animals
ECO Waters County Bio Surveys
ECO Waters Dam Safety &Permits
ECO Waters EnvironmentalReview
ECO Waters Field Mon Ops 1
ECO Waters Field Mon Ops 2
ECO Waters Field Mon Ops 3
ECO Waters Floodplain Modeling
ECO Waters Groundwater Atlas
ECO Waters Inv Mont & Analysis
ECO Waters Invasive Species
ECO Waters Lakes & Rivers
ECO Waters Land Use
ECO Waters MBS Plant Eco&Bot
ECO Waters R1 ARM Staff
ECO Waters R1 Northern Staff
ECO Waters R1 Southern Staff
ECO Waters R1 Watercraft Insp
ECO Waters R2 Coastal Zone
ECO Waters R2 Eastern Staff
ECO Waters R2 L Sup/AOC
ECO Waters R2 Watercraft Insp
ECO Waters R2 Western Staff
ECO Waters R3 ARM Staff
ECO Waters R3 LTRM Staff
ECO Waters R3 North APP Staff
ECO Waters R3 Northern Staff
ECO Waters R3 SNA Staff
ECO Waters R3 Southern Staff
ECO Waters R3 Watercraft Insp
ECO Waters R4 ARm Staff
ECO Waters R4 Northern Staff
ECO Waters R4 Southern Staff
ECO Waters R4 Watercraft Insp
ECO Waters Rare Resources
ECO Waters SNA Ops
ECO Waters Stream Habitat
Eco Waters Technical Analysis
ECO Waters Water & LandSurveys
ECO Waters Water Monitoring
ECO Waters Water&AqPlantPermit
ECO WatersR3 South APP Staff
Ecological & Water Resources
Economic Equity & Opportunity
ECOWaters Comm & Planning Svcs
EcoWaters Cons Assist & Reg
EcoWaters Ecosystem Mgt & Prot
ECOWaters Hydrogeo-Groundwater
EcoWaters R1 RM Staff
EcoWaters R2 ARM Staff
EcoWaters R2 RM Staff
EcoWaters R3 RM Staff
EcoWaters R4 RM Staff
EcoWaters Region 1
EcoWaters Region 2
EcoWaters Region 3
EcoWaters Region 4
EcoWaters Section Heads
EcoWaters Strategic Info Serv
Eden Prairie Bridge
Eden Prairie Resident Office
Eden Prairie Subarea
Education & Events Office
Education and Partnership Sup
Education and Partnership Unit
Education Services Staff
Educator Effectiveness
EERA Staff
EERA Supervisor
EH Operations Center Manager
EH Operations Center Staff
EHR Compensation
EHS Bemidji San Staff
EHS Duluth San Staff
EHS Fergus San Staff
EID Billing & Operations
EID Enrollment & Benefits
EID Managers
EID Program Mgr
EID Retirement&Training Specs
Eighth Judicial District
Eighth Judicial District Pt
ELD Training
Elections System Development
Electrical/Monorail Shop
Electronic Techs
Eligibility & Outreach
Eligibility/Recipient Invest
Emerg Prepared Resp Unit St
Emerg Preparedness Resp Unit S
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Services Bd
Emergency Preparedness & Respo
Emergency Preparednss Resp Stf
Emergency Response Unit Staff
Emergency Response Unit Supv
Emerging Energy Technologies
Emerging Infections Director
Emerging Infections Staff
Emerging Infections Supervisor
Employee Assistance Supv
Employee Development
Employee Insurance Division
Employer Participant Services
Endpoint System Mgmt
Energy Equity Programs
Energy Market Transformation
Energy Regulation & Planning
Energy&Environment Staff
Energy&Environment Supervisor
Enf Consumer & Industry Servic
ENF Contested Cases & Data
Enf Deputy
Enf Exam Audit & Investigatio
Enf Fraud Invest - Group 1
Enf Fraud Invest - Group 2
Enf Fraud Invest Admin
Enf Ins & Securities Enforceme
Enf Market Conduct
Enf Multi-Industry Investigat
Enf RE & Mort Invest
Enf Securities Registration
Enforcement - Asst Director
Enforcement - BLA
Enforcement Education Program
Enforcement Pilot Program
Enforcement Programs
Enforcement Trainee Program
Enforcement Training
Enforcement Unit A
Enforcement Unit Staff
Enforcement Unit Supervisor
Enforcement-Air Support
Enforcement-Business Office
Enforcement-Central Office
Enforcement-Reg 1
Enforcement-Reg 1-District 1
Enforcement-Reg 1-District 2
Enforcement-Reg 1-District 3
Enforcement-Reg 1-District 4
Enforcement-Reg 2
Enforcement-Reg 2-District 10
Enforcement-Reg 2-District 5
Enforcement-Reg 2-District 6
Enforcement-Reg 2-District 7
Enforcement-Reg 2-District 8
Enforcement-Reg 2-District 9
Enforcement-Reg 3
Enforcement-Reg 3-Dist 18
Enforcement-Reg 3-District 11
Enforcement-Reg 3-District 12
Enforcement-Reg 3-District 13
Enforcement-Reg 3-District 14
Enforcement-Reg 4
Enforcement-Reg 4-District 15
Enforcement-Reg 4-District 16
Enforcement-Reg 4-District 17
Enforcement-Region 1 Manager
Enforcement-Region 2 Manager
Enforcement-Region 3 Manager
Enforcement-Region 4 Manager
Enforcement-Safety Training
Enforcement-SIU Admin Support
Engagement & Outreach
Engineering & Heat Plant
Engineering Enterprise
Engineering Services
Engineering Services Div Admin
Engineering Services Manager
Engineering Services Staff
Engineering Specialty
Enteric Diseases Data Mgmt Stf
Enterics Unit Staff
Enterics Unit Supervisor
Enterprise Active Directory
Enterprise Backup
Enterprise Contracts
Enterprise Development
Enterprise Email Ops & BI Rep
Enterprise GRC
Enterprise GRC Supervisor
Enterprise HR Systems
Enterprise Real Property
Enterprise Service Leadership
Enterprise Service Mgmt
Enterprise Storage
Enterprise Sustainability
Env Impact Analysis Supervisor
Env Sample Receiving Unit Staf
Env Sample Receiving Unit Sup
Env Surv & Assessment Director
Env Surveillance & Assessments
Environmental Analysis Staff
Environmental Analysis Supv
Environmental Health Div Dir
Environmental Impacts Analysis
Environmental Laboratory Mgr
Environmental Laboratory Staff
Environmental Quality Board
Environmental Quality Brd Unit
Environmental Stewardship
Epi & Surveillance Unit Sup
Epi & Suveillance Unit Staff
Epidemiology Field Svs Unit Su
Equal Opportunity & Access
Equipment Coordination
Equipment Fleet Management
Equipment Mech Shops
Equipment Shop Baxter
Equipment Shop Owatonna
Equipment Shop Rochester
Equipment Shop St Cloud
Equity Access and Inclusion
Equity Advancement Metro
Equity In Procurement
ESS Metro HSTS & Labors
ETD Business & Operations
Eval & Surveillance Unit Stf
Eval & Surveillance Unit Sup
Evaluation & Economic Sup
Evaluation Unit Staff
Evaluation Unit Supervisor
Eveleth D 3100 Clerical
Eveleth D 3100 Supervisors
Eveleth D 3100 Troopers
Event Monitoring
Ex Support
Exec for LT Scvs & Supports Bd
Executive - Director
Executive CBO Division
Executive CFO Division
Executive Director
Executive Director Lottery
Executive Office Support
Executive Office SupportSup
Executive Operations
Executive Planning Unit
Executive Protection
Executive Secretary
Executive Section
Executive Staff
External Benefits
External Relations

Random Job Titles from Minnesota State Salaries
Area Terminal Produce Inspecto
Deputy Legislative Auditor
DVS Asst Regional Supervisor
Educ Finance Specialist 1
Unemployment Ins Supervisor 3
Safety & Health Officer 1
DVS Exam & Insp Spec
Central Svcs Admin Spec Inter
Engineer Princ
Sports Medicine Specialist

Random Departments from Minnesota State Salaries
Attorney General's Office/Uncl
Prevailing Wage
Itasca Engineering Services
F&W License Reg/Title
Well Mgmt Northern Region Supv
HCA OMD Deputy Director'sUnit
AME St Cloud
Mpls Maint Supervisor
MSOCS FC Middle River

Random Agencies from Minnesota State Salaries
Court of Appeals
Office of Higher Education
Supreme Court
Investment Board
Tax Court
Education Department
Bureau of Mediation Services
Public Facilities Authority
Workers Comp Court of Appeals
Public Employees Retire Assoc

Random Locations from Minnesota State Salaries
Location NameZip Code
Savanna Portage SP Shop 0
Albert Lea 0
Root River ST-Lanesboro Office 0
0429 RS Grand Rapids(wColerai) 0
0582 JS/UI Moorhead(w/DetLks) 0
Luverne 0
NG Trng & Comm Ctr-Stillwater 0
MCF - Moose Lake 0
Floodwood 0