List of Departments at Minnesota State
F&B Director Staff
F&W Administrative Services
F&W Big Game Program Staff
F&W Budget Administration
F&W Coldwater Hatchery Supvs
F&W Contract Specialists
F&W Director Staff
F&W Fisheries Mgt
F&W IBI Staff
F&W Lakes Mgt Coord
F&W Land Acquistion Program
F&W License Acct
F&W License Agent Mgt
F&W License Counter
F&W License ELS
F&W License Program
F&W License Reg/Title
F&W License Reg/Title Staff
F&W License-Licensing
F&W MN Aqua
F&W Operations
F&W Outreach
F&W Pathology Lab Staff
F&W Pol Plng & Acq Programs
F&W Policy Planning Prog Staff
F&W Policy Research-Fisheries
F&W Populations Program
F&W Prairie Habitat
F&W Program-Fisheries
F&W Recruitment/Retention
F&W Roving Crew Supervisors
F&W Roving Crew-Reg 1
F&W Roving Crew-Reg 3
F&W Roving Crew-Reg 4
F&W Stream Habitat Staff
F&W Wetland Habitat
F&W Wild Research Program
F&W Wildlife Animal Damage
F&W WLD Habitat Program
F&W WLD Health Program
F&W WLD Section Mgmt
Facilities Management
Facilities Management Manager
Facilities Mgmt Staff
Facilities Operations Staff
Facilities Operations Suprvisr
Facilities Support
Facility Management Staff
Facility Management Unit Supv
Faculty TPT Adjunct
Family Home Visiting Manager
FAS Accounts Payable
FAS Administrative Services
FAS Budgeting & Grants
FAS Budgeting & Payroll
FAS Management Team
FAS Warehouse Svcs
FE Banking
FE Banking Apps
FE Banking CU
FE Banking Metro
FE Banking North
FE Banking South
FE Credit Union Exams
FE Deputy
FE Licensing
FE Non Depository Exams
FE Non Depository Institutions
Federal Aid Project Dev
Federal Grants
Federal Grants Director
Federal Program Accounts
Feed Safety Metro Staff
Feed Safety Metro Supervisor
Feed Safety North Staff
Feed Safety North Supervisor
Feed Safety Program Supervisor
Feed Safety South Staff
Feed Safety South Supervisor
Fergus Falls Staff
Fergus Falls Supervisor
Fertilizer Field Unit Staff
Fertilizer Non-Point Staff
Fertilizer Technical Unit Supv
Fertilizer Technical UnitStaff
FertilizerFieldUnit Supervisor
FI Securities Exams
Field & Infrastructure Support
Field Conservation
Field Operations Supervisor
Field Services Staff
Fifth Judicial District
Fifth Judicial District 1
Fifth Judicial District 2
Fifth Judicial District 3
Fifth Judicial District Pt
Filenet Staff
Filenet Supervisor
Fin & Ops-Finance
Fin State Aid
Finance & Accounting
Finance & Admin Services
Finance & Budget Director
Finance - Accounting
Finance Accounting
Finance Administrator
Finance Director
Finance Mgmt & Payroll
Finance Process Staff
Finance Unit Staff
Finance/Personnel Section
Financial / Admin Services
Financial Analysis
Financial Data Architect
Financial Management
Financial Management Director
Financial Management Division
Financial Mgmt
Financial Mgmt &Administration
Financial Mgmt Supervisor
Financial Operation
Financial Operations
Financial Planning
Financial Reporting
Financial Services
Fire Data Mgmt/Support
Fire Invest/Education
Fire Invest/EducProt Sys Sup
Fire Marshal
Fire Marshal/Pipeline Mgmt
Fire Protection Team
Fire Services and Support Team
First Judicial District
First Judicial District Pt
Fiscal & Administrative Srvcs
Fiscal Monitoring
Fiscal Services
Fiscal Services Payroll/Purch
Fiscal Svs Staff
Fish & Wildlife Division
Fish - Habitat
Fish - HD & Implementation
Fish-R1 Asst Reg Staff
Fish-R1 Baudette
Fish-R1 Baudette Staff
Fish-R1 Bemidji
Fish-R1 Bemidji Staff
Fish-R1 Const Crew
Fish-R1 Const Crew Staff
Fish-R1 Detroit Lakes
Fish-R1 Detroit Lakes Staff
Fish-R1 Fergus Falls
Fish-R1 Fergus Falls Staff
Fish-R1 Glenwood
Fish-R1 Glenwood Staff
Fish-R1 Park Rapids
Fish-R1 Park Rapids Staff
Fish-R1 SpireVly HatcheryStaff
Fish-R1 Walker
Fish-R1 Walker Staff
Fish-R2 Aitkin
Fish-R2 Aitkin Staff
Fish-R2 Brainerd
Fish-R2 Brainerd FieldOp Staff
Fish-R2 Brainerd Staff
Fish-R2 Duluth
Fish-R2 Duluth Staff
Fish-R2 Finland
Fish-R2 Finland Staff
Fish-R2 Grand Marais
Fish-R2 Grand Marais Staff
Fish-R2 Grand Rapids
Fish-R2 Grand Rapids Staff
Fish-R2 Int'l Falls
Fish-R2 Int'l Falls Staff
Fish-R2 Lk Superior
Fish-R2 Lk Superior Staff
Fish-R2 Staff
Fish-R2 Tower
Fish-R2 Tower Staff
Fish-R3 Asst Reg Supv
Fish-R3 Construction Crew Supv
Fish-R3 Conts Crew
Fish-R3 Cryst SprngHatch Staff
Fish-R3 Hinckley
Fish-R3 Hinckley Staff
Fish-R3 Lake City
Fish-R3 Lake City Staff
Fish-R3 Lanesboro Hatch Staff
Fish-R3 Little Falls
Fish-R3 Little Falls Staff
Fish-R3 Metro East
Fish-R3 Metro East Staff
Fish-R3 Metro West
Fish-R3 Metro West Staff
Fish-R3 Mille Lacs
Fish-R3 Mille Lacs Staff
Fish-R3 Peterson Hatch Staff
Fish-R3 Sauk Rapids
Fish-R3 Sauk Rapids Staff
Fish-R3 SE Operations
Fish-R3 SE Operations Staff
Fish-R3 Staff
Fish-R4 Asst Reg Staff
Fish-R4 Hutchinson
Fish-R4 Hutchinson Staff
Fish-R4 Ortonville
Fish-R4 Ortonville Staff
Fish-R4 Spicer
Fish-R4 Spicer Staff
Fish-R4 Staff
Fish-R4 Waterville
Fish-R4 Waterville Staff
Fish-R4 Windom
Fish-R4 Windom Staff
Fish-Reg 1 Staff
Fleet and Surplus Services
Fleet Management
Fleet Operations
FLPS Metro San Staff 2
FLPS Metro San Supervisor 1
FM Capitol Bldg
FM MN Senate Bldg
FMD Electrical Days
FMD Electrical Evenings
FMD Painters
FMD-Fiscal Services
FMD-Revenue Accounting
FMO Admin 2 Staff
FMO Admin Staff
FMO Admin Staff 2
FMO Admin Supervisor
FMO Bldg Services Supervisor
FMO Buyers Staff
FMO Buyers Staff-2
FMO Buyers Supervisor
FMO Carpenters Staff
FMO Carpenters Supervisor
FMO Electricians
FMO Electricians Supervisor
FMO Engineers Staff
FMO Engineers Staff 2
FMO Engineers Supervisor
FMO Maint 2 Staff
FMO Maint 2 Supervisor
FMO Maintenance Staff
FMO Maintenance Supervisor
FMO Painters Staff
FMO Painters Supervisor
FMO Planners Staff
FMO Planners/SPA Supervisor
FMO Plant Maint Staff
FMO Plant Maint Supervisor
FMO Professional Staff
FMO State Prog Admin Director
FMR AP-Purchasing-SmART
FMR AR-Cash Receipts
FMR General Fund Accounting
FMR Revolving Fund Accounting
FMR Services
FOD Accounting
FOD Accounts Payable
FOD Accounts Receivable
FOD Budgets
FOD Collections
FOD Cost Allocation
FOD Economic Support
FOD Grants & Allocations
FOD Health Care Accounting
FOD IOC Team 1
FOD IOC Team 2
FOD Issuance Operations Center
FOD Payroll
FOD Receipts Center
FOD Social Services
FOD Time Studies & Rates
Food & Feed Safety AD Staff
Food & Feed Safety Dir Stf
Food & Feed Safety Div Dir
Food Delivery Staff
Food Delivery Sup
Food Pools Lodging Svrs Mgr
Foodborne Disease Staff
Foodborne Disease Unit Sup
FOR Policy & Govt Affairs
FOR Admin Support
FOR Administration
FOR Admn Bus Mgt
FOR Badoura Nurs Paper
FOR Badoura Nurs Seasonal
FOR Badoura Nurs Staff
FOR Badoura Nursery
FOR Badoura Nursery Staff2
FOR Fire Prot Supv
FOR Fire Protecton
FOR Leg Affairs & Outreach
FOR Med Spec Fellow
FOR Medical Staff
FOR Medical Svcs
FOR Medical Svcs Admin
FOR Mgt FIA Asst Supv
FOR Mgt FIA Image Analys Staff
FOR Mgt FIA Programs
FOR Mgt FIA Staff
FOR Mgt FIA Supv
FOR Mgt State Land
FOR Mgt State Land Staff
FOR MIFC Intel/Info Staff
FOR Operations
FOR Pharmacy Leader
FOR Protection Air Ops Staff
FOR Protection Excess Property
FOR Protection Fire Mgt
FOR Protection Helicopter Ops
FOR Protection Inv Staff
FOR Protection Inv Supv
FOR Protection Staff
FOR R1 Asst Reg Supv
FOR R1 Asst Reg Supv Staff
FOR R1 Backus
FOR R1 Backus Asst
FOR R1 Backus Asst Staff
FOR R1 Backus Staff
FOR R1 Baudette Asst
FOR R1 Baudette Asst Staff
FOR R1 Baudette Staff
FOR R1 Bemidji
FOR R1 Bemidji Asst
FOR R1 Bemidji Asst Staff
FOR R1 Bemidji Staff
FOR R1 Park Rapids
FOR R1 Park Rapids Asst
FOR R1 Park Rapids Asst Staff
FOR R1 Park Rapids Staff
FOR R1 Staff
FOR R1 Warroad
FOR R1 Warroad Asst
FOR R1 Warroad Paper
FOR R1 Warroad Staff
FOR R2 Aitkin
FOR R2 Aitkin Asst
FOR R2 Aitkin Asst Staff
FOR R2 Aitkin Staff
FOR R2 Asst Reg Staff
FOR R2 Asst Reg Supv
FOR R2 Cloquet
FOR R2 Cloquet Asst
FOR R2 Cloquet Asst Staff
FOR R2 Cloquet Staff
FOR R2 Deer River
FOR R2 Deer River Asst
FOR R2 Deer River Asst Staff
FOR R2 Deer River Staff
FOR R2 Hibbing
FOR R2 Hibbing Asst
FOR R2 Hibbing Asst Staff
FOR R2 Hibbing Staff
FOR R2 Little Fork
FOR R2 Little Fork Asst Staff
FOR R2 Little Fork Staff
FOR R2 Orr Asst
FOR R2 Orr Staff
FOR R2 Sandstone Asst Staff
FOR R2 Sandstone Staff
FOR R2 Staff
FOR R2 Tower
FOR R2 Tower Staff
FOR R2 Two Harbors
FOR R2 Two Harbors Asst
FOR R2 Two Harbors Asst Staff
FOR R2 Two Harbors Staff
FOR R3 Asst Reg Staff
FOR R3 Cambridge Asst Staff
FOR R3 Lake City Asst
FOR R3 Lake City Staff
FOR R3 Little Falls Asst
FOR R3 Little Falls Asst Staff
FOR R3 Little Falls Staff
FOR R3 New Ulm Staff
FOR R3 Rochester
FOR R3 Rochester Staff
FOR Resources Council Staff
FOR Section Heads
FOR Timber Section
FOR Wildlfire PreventionPermit
Forensic Administration A
Forensic Administration B
Forensic Behavioral Health
Forensic Evaluations B
Forensic NH HSSS Hiring Pool
Forensic Nursing Home
Forensic Nursing Home A
Forensic Nursing Home B
Forensic Nursing Home C
Forensic Nursing Home D
Forensic Nursing Home RT's
Forensic Nursing Home SocWrks
Forensic ODS Supervisors
Forensic Services Quality
Forensics Behavior Analysis
Forensics Behavior Support Tm
Forensics Education
Forensics Grove A Clinical
Forensics Grove A Nursing 1
Forensics Grove A Nursing 2
Forensics Grove A Nursing Admn
Forensics Grove A Operations 1
Forensics Grove A Operations 2
Forensics Grove B Clinical
Forensics Grove B Nursing 1
Forensics Grove B Nursing 2
Forensics Grove B Nursing Admn
Forensics Grove B Operations 1
Forensics Grove B Operations 2
Forensics Grove B Operations 3
Forensics Grove C Clinical
Forensics Grove C Nursing 1
Forensics Grove C Nursing 2
Forensics Grove C Nursing Admn
Forensics Grove C Operations 1
Forensics Grove C Operations 2
Forensics Grove C Operations 3
Forensics Grove C Operations 4
Forensics Grove C Operations 5
Forensics Grove D Clinical
Forensics Grove D Nursing
Forensics Grove D Nursing Admn
Forensics Grove D Operations 1
Forensics Grove D Operations 2
Forensics Grove D Operations 3
Forensics Grove E Clinical
Forensics Grove E Nursing 1
Forensics Grove E Nursing 2
Forensics Grove E Nursing Admn
Forensics Grove E Operations 1
Forensics Grove E Operations 2
Forensics Grove E Operations 3
Forensics Intermittents
Forensics MHP Administration
Forensics Night Nursing A
Forensics Night Nursing B
Forensics Night Nursing C
Forensics Night Operations A
Forensics Night Operations B
Forensics Night Operations C
Forensics Night Operations D
Forensics Night Operations E
Forensics Night Supervisors
Forensics Psychology A
Forensics Psychology B
Forensics Psychology Interns
Forensics Recreational Therapy
Forensics Rehab Services
Forensics Scheduling
Forensics Security Srvcs Admin
Forensics Social Work
Forensics Transport Team
Forensics Utility Pool A
Forensics Utility Pool B
Forensics Vocational A
Forensics Vocational B
Forensics Vocational C
Forest Lake Bridge
Forest Lake Subarea
Forest Resources Council
Fourth District -Hogan
Fourth District Glaze
Fourth District- Hayes
Fourth District- Scanlan
Fourth District-Charles
Fourth District-Donnelly
Fourth District-Fraser
Fourth District-Guzman-Wiegert
Fourth District-Hoffman
Fourth District-Isaacman
Fourth District-McNaughton
Fourth District-Morant
Fourth District-Moriarty
Fourth District-Siolka
Fourth District-Webb
Fourth Judicial District
Fourth Judicial District FT
FPLS Bemidji San Supervisor
FPLS Business & Finance Op S
FPLS Business & Finance Op Sta
FPLS Duluth San Supervisor
FPLS Fergus San Supervisor
FPLS Mankato San Staff
FPLS Mankato San Sup
FPLS Metro San Staff 1
FPLS Metro San Supervisor 2
FPLS North Field OperationsSup
FPLS Rochester San Staff
FPLS Rochester San Sup
FPLS South Field Op Staff
FPLS South Field OperationsSup
FPLS St Cloud San Staff
FPLS St Cloud San Supervisor
Fracture Critical
FRB A/W Administration
FRB A/W Operations
FRB Accounting Manager
FRB Accounting Manager's Staff
FRB Accounting Supervisor
FRB Building Maintenance Supv
FRB Captain-Operations
FRB Captain-Security
FRB Clinical Prog Therapists 1
FRB Clinical Prog Therapists 2
FRB CPD - Behavorial Health
FRB CPD-Chemical Dependency
FRB CPD-Mental Health
FRB Director of Nursing
FRB Due Process Unit Supv
FRB Education Asst Director
FRB Education Director
FRB Education Director 2
FRB Education Director's Staff
FRB Electronic Tech Supervisor
FRB Employee Development Supv
FRB Food Services Supervisor
FRB HOF Supervisor
FRB HOF Supervisor's Staff
FRB Human Resources Dir
FRB Human Resources Dir Staff
FRB Industry Director
FRB Industry Director's Staff
FRB Inventory Control Supv
FRB Investigations Stf-Intell
FRB Investigations Stf-Law Enf
FRB Laundry Manager
FRB Lieutenant - K1
FRB Lieutenant - K2
FRB Lieutenant - K3
FRB Lieutenant - K4
FRB Lieutenant - Unit B
FRB Lieutenant - Unit E
FRB Lieutenant-Visiting Segreg
FRB Lieutenant-WC 1st Watch-A
FRB Lieutenant-WC 1st Watch-B
FRB Lieutenant-WC 1st Watch-C
FRB Lieutenant-WC 2nd Watch-A
FRB Lieutenant-WC 2nd Watch-B
FRB Lieutenant-WC 2nd Watch-C
FRB Lieutenant-WC 2nd Watch-D
FRB Lieutenant-WC 3rd Watch-A
FRB Lieutenant-WC 3rd Watch-B
FRB Lieutenant-WC 3rd Watch-C
FRB Physical Plant Director
FRB Power Plant Engineer
FRB Production Supv-Anagram
FRB Production Supv-Laundry
FRB Production Supv-Wood
FRB Prog Admin-Mental Health
FRB Prog Dir-Administration
FRB Prog Dir-Case Management
FRB Prog Dir-HOF
FRB Prog Dir-Living Units
FRB Records/Mailroom Supv
FRB RN Admin Supervisor
FRB RN Admin Supervisors Staff
FRB RN Supervisor A
FRB RN Supervisor B
FRB RN Supervisor-Linden
FRB Safety Administrator
FRB SAU Supervisor
FRB Training Manager
FRB Treatment Director
FRB Warden's Staff
FRB Watch Commander Relief
FRB/SHK Psychological DirStaff
Freeman/Lab Operations Staff
Freeman/Lab Supervisor
Freeway System Design
Freeway System Integration
Freeway System Operations
FSU - Budget & Accounting Svcs
FSU - Revenue Mgmt & Planning
FWVZD Asst Section Supervisor
FWVZD Section Manager

Random Job Titles from Minnesota State Salaries
State Auditor Ofc Mgmt Lvl 3
OHE Senior Manager
Vendor Mgmt Spec
State Fire Marshal
Arts School Residence Director
Zoo Strategic Services Dir
Emergency Manage Cntr Duty Off
Perpich Ctr Arts Educ Prog Dir
Legis Com/Ofc Admin Support NE

Random Departments from Minnesota State Salaries
CJIS Training & Auditing
SHK Corr Officer Trainees
Forensic Evaluations B
Ind MUN Bus Systems Unit 1
Spec Tx-Insurance & Environ
MnSCU STC Admin Affairs
Mpls Scheduling Supv
Fish-R1 Detroit Lakes
Togo Chief Cook
RW 1st Watch Relief

Random Agencies from Minnesota State Salaries
Teachers Retirement Assoc
Ombud Mental Hlth & Dev Dis
Governors Office
Iron Range Resources & Rehab
Housing Finance Agency
Ombudsperson for Families
Arts Board
Explore Minnesota Tourism
Sentencing Guidelines Comm
Veterans Affairs Dept

Random Locations from Minnesota State Salaries
Location NameZip Code
NorthridgeCA 0
Fosston MN 0
Bemidji Simonson Office 0
DVS Cambridge Exam Station 0
Duluth Shop 0
MDH Brainerd Location 0
MSOCS FC Chatham Way 0
Dakota Cty Apple Valley 0
DVS Training 184 0
Tracy 0