List of Departments at Minnesota State
BA/QA Unit Supervisor
Background Studies NETStudy2.0
Background Studies Staff
Bar Exam Monitor
Bar Exam Monitor 2
BCA Criminal Investigations
BCA ICAC Technical
BCA Inv Bemidji Regional Offic
BCA Inv BRO Team 1
BCA Inv TI POR Support
BCA Inv TI POR/Programs
BCA Lab Admin 1
BCA Lab Admin 2
BCA Lab Bemidji
BCA Lab Bemidji 2
BCA Lab Biology 1
BCA Lab Biology 2
BCA Lab Chemistry 1
BCA Lab Chemistry 2
BCA Lab Evidence Intake Proces
BCA Lab Pattern Evid & Materia
BCA Lab Quality Management
BCA Lab Toxicology
BCA Metro Regional Office 1
BCA Southern Regional Office#3
BCA Support Mgmt
BCA T&I Sup Adm Comm Svcs
BCD Admin & Support X
BCD Brownfield Community Assis
BCD Business Development
BCD Business Finance
BCD Community Finance
BCD Job Skills Partnership
BCD Small Business Assistance
BCD Small Business Dvlp Ctr X
BCD Trade Office
Bd of Marriage & Family Therap
Bd Of Water & Soil Resources
Behavioral Health & Therapy Bd
Bemidji - Brainerd Supervisor
Bemidji Maint Staff
Bemidji Staff
Bemidji Supervisor
Benefit Calculation Department
Benefit Services
Benefits Claim Department
Bikes Unit
Biological Programs Office
Biology Section Staff
Biology Section Supervisor
Biomon & Emerg Contaminant Stf
Biomon & Emerg Contaminant Sup
Bird Show
Birth Defects Monit & Analysis
Birth Defects Unit
BLS Survey
BOAH Supervisor
Board of Barber Examiners
Board of Chiropractors
Board of Dentistry
Board of Dietetics & Nut Pract
Board of Law Examiners
Board of Medical Practice
Board of Nursing
Board of Optometry
Board of Pharmacy
Board of Physical Therapy
Board of Psychology
Board of School Administrators
Board of Social Work
Board of Veterinary Medicine
Board on Judicial Standards
Border Subarea
BPI-Employee Development Svcs
BPI-Performance Solutions
Braille & Talking Book Library
Brainerd D 2800 Clerical
Brainerd D 2800 Supervisors
Brainerd D 2800 Troopers
Brainerd Maint Staff
BRFS Supervisor
Bridge Const & Maint. Section
Bridge Design Section
Bridge Inspection Programming
Bridge Maint Owatonna
Bridge Maint Rochester
Bridge Maint Winona
Bridge Maintenance Baxter
Bridge Maintenance Duluth
Bridge Maintenance St Cloud
Bridge Planning Section
BTS - Architect
BTS-Service Desk
Budget & Info System
Budget & Legislation
Budget & Reporting Staff
Budget Analysis Division
Budget and Reporting
Budget Director
Budget Educ & Econemic Develop
Budget Environment & Transp
Budget Health & Hum Services
Budget Plng & Operations
Budget Services Mgmt
Budget State Government
Building Admin Services
Building Fleet & Grounds Mtce
Building Maint Owatonna
Building Maint Rochester
Building Maintenance Baxter
Building Maintenance St Cloud
Building Management
Building Mechanics
Building Services
Building Services Nights
Bus. Intelligence & Reporting
Business & Quality Mgmt Staff
Business & Quality Mgmt Supv
Business Analysis Unit
Business App Mgmt
Business Continuity
Business Intelligence Sup Sys
Business Office
Business Office Administration
Business Office Owatonna
Business Office Rochester
Business Office Support
Business Operations Support Sv
Business Planning&Improvement
Business Process Section
Business Services
Business Shared Services COE 1
Business Shared Services COE 2
Business Shared Services COE 3
Business Solutions
Business Solutions Leadership
Business Solutions Section
Business Solutions Service Uni
Business Solutions Support
Business System Support staff
Business Systems Support
Business Taxes
Business Unit One-Intermediate
Business Unit Two-Senior

Random Job Titles from Minnesota State Salaries
Sports Medicine Specialist
Electrical Maintenance Supv
Clerk Supervisor
Systems Supervisor
Jud Dir of Professional Serv
Exec Budget Coordinator
Dietitian 2
Arts Education Teacher 9
Jud Guardian ad Litem Leadwork
Jud Court Reporter

Random Departments from Minnesota State Salaries
F&W Pol Plng & Acq Programs
Word Processing Ctr
Well Management Support Suprv
5th Nicollet Judge
Bird Show
WTR SW Watershed Unit
D&M Inspection Division Dir
District Services
South West Subarea
EcoWaters Strategic Info Serv

Random Agencies from Minnesota State Salaries
Explore Minnesota Tourism
Psychology Board
Labor & Industry Dept
Veterinary Medicine Board
Revenue Dept
Latino Affairs Council
Legislative Auditor
Medical Practice Board
Minnesota Zoological Garden
MN State Retirement System

Random Locations from Minnesota State Salaries
Location NameZip Code
Clinton Location 0
District 5-Murray 0
Northfield 0
CBHH Fergus Falls 0
MNIT DOT St Paul 0
PM Grounds 0
BCA Bemidji 0
MCF - Willow River (CIP) 0
MnSCU NE Svs Ctr Arrowhead CC 0
Grand Marais 0