List of Departments at Minnesota State
Radio Engineer
Radioactive Materials Unit Sup
Railroads and Waterways
Range Subarea
RC A/W Administration
RC A/W Operations
RC Building Maintenance Supv
RC Captain 1
RC Clinical Prog Therapists 1
RC Corrections Program Dir-BH
RC Detail Lieutenant
RC Detailed Lieutenant 8
RC Director of Nursing
RC Due Process
RC Education Director
RC Education Director's Staff
RC Electronic Maintenance Supv
RC Employee Develop Supv Staff
RC Facilities Reentry Manager
RC Food Services Supervisor
RC Human Resources Dir
RC Human Resources Dir Staff
RC Industry 2
RC Industry Director
RC Industry Production
RC Investigations Stf-Intellig
RC Investigations Stf-Law Enfm
RC Physical Plant Director
RC Program Dir 1
RC Program Dir 2
RC Program Dir Admin
RC Psychological Services Dir
RC Records Supervisor
RC RN Admin Supervisor
RC RN Admin Supervisors Staff
RC RN Supervisor
RC Safety Administrator
RC Security Lieutenant 1
RC Security Lieutenant 2
RC Security Lieutenant 3
RC Security Lieutenant 4
RC Security Lieutenant 5
RC Security Lieutenant 6
RC Security Lieutenant 7
RC Support Services
RC Training Manager
RC Unit Lieutenant 1
RC Unit Lieutenant 2
RC Unit Lieutenant 3
RC Warden's Staff
Real Estate & Construction Svs
Real Estate Business Service
Reception/General Support
Recipient & Child Care Data
Records Division
Records Mgmt&DataQuality Staff
RECS Contract
Refugee Health Staff
Refugee Health Supv
Reg Ops-Region 1
Reg Ops-Region 1 Admin Supp
Reg Ops-Region 2
Reg Ops-Region 2 Staff
Reg Ops-Region 3
Reg Ops-Region 3 Staff
Reg Ops-Region 4
Reg Trans Mgmt Center Team 1
Reg Trans Mgmt Center Team 2
Reg Trans Mgmt Center Team 3
Reg Trans Mgmt Center Team 4
Reg Trans Mgmt Center Team 5
Reg Trans Mgmt Center Team 6
Reg Trans Mgmt Center Team 7
Regional Ops
Registration & AmendmentsStaff
Regulatory Info Ctr
Regulatory Operations Staff
Rehab Srvcs Bemidji
Rehab Srvcs Cambridge
Rehab Srvcs Fairview
Rehab Srvcs Mankato
Rehab Srvcs Monticello
Rehabilitation Department
REM Closed Landfill & Tech Ser
REM Closed Landfill Unit
REM Division Managers
REM East Metro Unit
REM Lake Superior Unit
REM Leasing
REM PR Petro Remediation Unit1
REM PR Petro Remediation Unit2
REM PR Petro Remediation Unit3
REM Redevelopment Unit
REM Site Remediation & Redevel
REM Site Remediation Unit 1
REM Site Remediation Unit 2
REM Technical Services Unit
Reporting Services
Reports and Forecasts
Request Fulfillment
Research & Information
Research & Innovation
Research & Statistics
Research and Policy
Research Policies & Procedures
Research Unit
Research Unit Staff
Residential Inspections
Residential Services Staff
Resource Manager
Resource Operations Center
Response Trng & Outreach Supv
Response Trng &Outreach Staff
Restricted Recipient Program
Results & Improvement
Results For Policy
Results Mgmt Impact Evaluation
Results Systems
Retail Food Plan Review Staff
Retail Food Plan Review Superv
Retail Food Program Supervisor
Retail Food Safety A Staff
Retail Food Safety A Supv
Retail Food Safety B Staff
Retail Food Safety B Supv
Retail Food Safety C Staff
Retail Food Safety C Supv
Retail Food Safety D Staff
Retail Food Safety D Supv
Retail Relations
Retired Judges
Retirement Counseling External
Retirement Counseling Internal
Retirement Counslg Spec Bnfts
Retirement Services
Revisor Attorney 1
Revisor Attorney 2
Revisor Attorney 3
Revisor Deck Staff
Revisor Information Systems
Revisor of Statutes
Revisor Office Staff
RH Planning&Analysis Staff
RH Planning&Analysis Superviso
Right of Way
Right of Way Baxter
Right of Way Metro
Right of Way St Cloud
Right-of-way Section
Risk Management
RMAD Business Asst Supervisor
RMAD Business Asst. Unit
RMAD Cert Env Review&Rules Sec
RMAD Community&BusinessSusUnt
RMAD Division Managers
RMAD ER Environmnt Review Unit
RMAD ProdSustain&PartnershUnit
RMAD PSM SolidWastePermitUnit
RMAD PSM SW Management Unit
RMAD Solid Waste Section
RMAD Sustain&Environ Asst Sect
RMAD SustainMaterials MgmtUnit
RMD Support Services
RN Adm Team 1
Roadway Regulations & Enforce
Roadway/Regulation Baxter
Roadway/Regulation St Cloud
Roch Region Comm Cntr Team 2
Roch Region Comm Team 1
Rochester D2100 Clerical
Rochester D2100 Rad Com Superv
Rochester D2100 Supervisors
Rochester D2100 Troopers
Rochester Staff
Rochester Supervisor
Rochester-Mankato Supervisor
RR Administration
RS Administrative SVS
RS Director
RS Director X
RS Training & Development
RW 1st Watch Relief
RW 2nd Watch Relief
RW Assistant Warden Operations
RW Captain
RW Chief Cook
RW Clinical Prog Therapists
RW Education Director
RW Education Director's Staff
RW Human Resources Dir
RW Investigations Staff
RW Investigations Stf-Intell
RW Juvenile Program Director
RW Lieut-Unit Supv-Dayton
RW Lieut-Unit Supv-Grinnell
RW Lieut-Unit Supv-Harvard
RW Lieut-Unit Supv-Knox
RW Lieut-Unit Supv-Stanford
RW Lieutenant-WC-1st
RW Lieutenant-WC-2nd
RW Lieutenant-WC-3rd
RW Lieutenant-WC-Relief
RW Office Services Supervisor
RW Physical Plant Director
RW Psychological Sv Dir Staff
RW Psychological Svs Dir
RW RN Admin Supervisor
RW RN Supervisors Staff
RW Safety Administrator
RW Trainees
RW Warden's Staff
RW Work Readiness/Relief

Random Job Titles from Minnesota State Salaries
Highway Helper Sr
Leg Audit Staff
DVS Title & Registr Prog Supv
Asst Chief Admin Law Judge
College Bkstore Coord Sr
Educ Supv
Jud Library Asst I
Corr Mnfctrng Spec-Engr & Draf
Human Rights Enforc Offcr 1
Corr Food Svcs Supv

Random Departments from Minnesota State Salaries
Tourism-Support Team
4th District Traffic Violation
MnSCU Ank Ram CC Fac FT12
IND Water and Mining Section
Tax Ops-Information Management
Forensics Night Operations D
MnSCU S Cntrl Farblt TC Prf/Su
Fish-R4 Spicer
Seventh District-Fergus Falls

Random Agencies from Minnesota State Salaries
Investment Board
Explore Minnesota Tourism
Gambling Control Board
Human Services Dept
Perpich Ctr For Arts Education
Accountancy Board
Bureau of Mediation Services
Marriage & Family Therapy
Emergency Medical Services Bd
Commerce Dept

Random Locations from Minnesota State Salaries
Location NameZip Code
Shakopee Office 0
MnSCU South Dakota Sioux Falls 0
Office of State Fire Marshal 0
MSOCS FC 8th Avenue 0
Floodwood 0
MnSCU Oregon LaGrande 0
CABHS Willmar 0
MNIT Randolph Ave 0
Caledonia Office 0