List of Departments at Minnesota State
CABHS Willmar Adm Supp
CABHS Willmar Dir Care
CABHS Willmar Medical
CABHS Willmar Nursing
CABHS Willmar Nursing Spv
CABHS Willmar Prof
Camden Nights
Camden Subarea
Camp Ripley FF Staff
Camp Ripley FF Supervisor
Camp Ripley Security
Camp Ripley Security Staff 2
Camp Ripley Security Staff 3
Camp Ripley Security Staff 5
Camp Ripley Training Site
Campaign Fin & Public Discl Bd
Capacity Building Unit Staff
Capacity Building Unit Supv
Capitol Area Arch & Plg Board
Capitol Sec Afternoon Shift
Capitol Sec Complex Troopers
Capitol Sec Evening Shift
Capitol Security Comm Systems
Capitol Security Day Shift
Capitol Security Day Shift 2
Capitol Security LE
Capitol Security Support
CARE Anoka Adm Sup/Housekeep
CARE Anoka Clinical
CARE Anoka Nursing
CARE Anoka Pgm Couns
CARE Anoka Pgm Spv
CARE Brainerd Pgm Spv
CARE Carlton Adm Sup/Housekeep
CARE Carlton Nursing
CARE Carlton Pgm Couns
CARE Carlton Pgm Spv
CARE Fergus Falls Clinical
CARE Fergus Falls Inpatient
CARE Fergus Falls Nursing
CARE Fergus Falls Pgm Spv
CARE FergusFallsAdmSup/Housek
CARE St Peter AdmSup/Housekeep
CARE St Peter Clinical
CARE St Peter Nursing
CARE St Peter Prgm Couns
CARE St Peter Prgm Spv
CARE Willlmar Nursing
CARE Willmar AdmSup/Housekeep
CARE Willmar Dir CARE
CARE Willmar Pgm Couns
CARE Willmar Pgm Spv
Career & College Success
Career TechEd/CommuEd/Svc Lrng
Case Mix Review Staff
Case Mix Supervisor
CBHH Alexandria Adm Supp
CBHH Alexandria Clinical
CBHH Alexandria Medical Staff
CBHH Alexandria Nursing
CBHH Alexandria Nursing 2
CBHH Alexandria Support Svc
CBHH Alexandria Supv
CBHH Annandale Adm Supp
CBHH Annandale Clinical
CBHH Annandale Medical Staff
CBHH Annandale Nursing
CBHH Annandale Nursing Group 2
CBHH Annandale Support Svc
CBHH Annandale Supv
CBHH Baxter Admin Supp
CBHH Baxter Clinical
CBHH Baxter Medical Staff
CBHH Baxter Nursing
CBHH Baxter Nursing 2
CBHH Baxter Supp Svc
CBHH Baxter Supv
CBHH Bemidji Admin Supp
CBHH Bemidji Clinical
CBHH Bemidji Medical Staff
CBHH Bemidji Nursing
CBHH Bemidji Nursing 2
CBHH Bemidji Supp Svc
CBHH Bemidji Supv
CBHH Fergus Falls Admin Supp
CBHH Fergus Falls Clinical
CBHH Fergus Falls Med Staff
CBHH Fergus Falls MHPA/HST
CBHH Fergus Falls Nursing
CBHH Fergus Falls Supp Svc
CBHH Fergus Falls Supv
CBHH Rochester Clinical
CBHH Rochester Medical Staff
CBHH Rochester Nursing
CBHH Rochester Nursing Group 1
CBHH Rochester Supp Svc
CBHH Rochester Supv
CBS Admin Support
CBS Prog Admin
CC Central Functions
CC MFD Administration
CC Team
CCC & ADC Licensing Unit #2
CCC Licensing Unit #4
CCC Licensing Unit #5
CCLD Boiler Inspections
CCLD Construction Services
CCLD Electrical Inspections
CCLD Elevator Inspections
CCLD Enforcement Services
CCLD HP Piping Inspections
CCLD Inspections
CCLD Licensing Admin Support
CCLD Licensing/Enforcement Ser
CCLD Manufactured Structures
CCLD Operations/Recovery Fund
CCLD Permit Processing
CCLD Plan Review
CCLD Plan Review/Regional Svcs
CCLD Plmg Pln Rev/Insp Svcs
CCLD Plumbing Plan Review
CCLD Regional Services
CCLD Rules & Code Development
CD Licensing
CDEE Director
CDEE Director Staff
CDEE Environmen Epi Unit Staff
CDEE Environment Epi Unit Sup
CDEE-COHS Supervisor
CDEE-MCSS-Field Services Staff
CDEE-MCSS-Field Services Sup
Cedar Nights
Cedar SubArea
Cemetery Supervisors
Centers for EPR Director
Centers for EPR Director Staff
Centers for HE & Hlth Data AD
Centers for Hlth Equity Staff
Centers for Hlth StatisticsSup
Centers for HlthEquityDirector
Central Mail
Central Pharmacy
Central Pharmacy Staff
Central Projects
Central Region
Cert & Capacity Devlp Unit Sup
CFPD Staff
CFS Business Integration Div
CFS Business Readiness
CFS Communications
CFS Information Management
CFS Management/Operations
Charter Schools
Chaska Subarea
CHECH Division Director
Chemistry/Toxicology Staff
Chemistry/Toxicology Unit Supv
Chief Administration
Chief Counsel
Chief Counsel/Staff and Corp
Chief Information Officer
Chief of Staff
Chief of Staff & Admin Svcs
Child & Adolescent Health St
Child & Adolescent Health Sup
Child Care Investigations
Child Support
Child Support Deputy
Children and Family Services
Childrens Cabinet
CHP Assistant Director
CHP Asst Director Staff
CHP Director
CHP-Asthma Staff
CHP-Asthma Supervisor
CHP-CVH Heart Staff
CHP-CVH Heart Supervisor
CHP-CVH Stroke Staff
CHP-CVH Stroke Supervisor
CHP-CVH Supervisor
CHP-IVP SEA Supervisor
CHP-IVP Supervisor
CIO Direct Reports
CIO Support
CIP - Demand Efficiency
CIP Supervisor
Civil Rights
CJIS Training & Auditing
Claims Fargo
Claims Fargo Supv
Claims St Paul
Claims St Paul Supv
Classified MMA&MAPE Non-Exempt
ClassifiedMMA-Exmpt MAPE-Exmpt
Clean Water Technical Staff
Clean Water Technical Unit Sup
Clear Roadways
Clerk's Office
CLIA Staff
Client Relations
Clinical Lab-Microbiology
Clinical Laboratory Director
Clinical Program Team
Clinical Supervisors
CMH Resource Dev Team
CMH Technical Assist Team
Cntr for Wkfrce Develop Staff
CO - Env. Justice & Engagement
CO Admin Services
CO Admin Services X
CO Analysis & Evaluation
CO Analysis & Evaluation PPM
CO Analysis & Evaluation RA X
CO BH Behavioral Health
CO BH Data & Evaluation
CO BH Deputy Director
CO BH Operations
CO BH Promotion Prevent & Dev
CO BH Treatment
CO Business Support Unit
CO CC Lead Agency Review
CO CCFiscalAnalysisEvaluation
CO Commissioners Office
CO Commissioners Office X
CO Communications & Marketing
CO Diversity &EqualOpportunity
CO Economic Equity & Opportuni
CO Exec Unit
CO Fiscal Management
CO Fiscal Management X
CO GCO HCACS & CC Legal Team
CO Human Resources
CO Human Resources X
CO Labor Market Info
CO Office of Climate Change
COA Clerk's Office
Collab and Dispute Res Staff
Collection B Unit
Collection C Unit
Collection D Unit
Collection Div-Assistant Dir
Collection Div-Asst Director
Collection Division
Collection E Unit
Collection F Unit
Collection G Unit
Collection H Unit
Collection I Unit
Collection J Unit
Collection K Unit
Collection L Unit
Collection M Unit
Collection N Unit
Collection OS Unit
Collection P Unit
Collection PT Unit
Collection Q Unit
Collection QR Unit
Collection R Unit
Collection S Unit
Collection T Unit
Collection U Unit
Collection V Unit
Combative Sports
Comm & Operations Director
Comm of Natural Resources
Comm Office Admin Staff
Comm Office Comm's Staff
Comm Office Dep Comm's Staff
Comm Office Internal Affairs
Comm/Family Health ADD B
Comm/Family Health Dir Staff
Comm/Family Health Div Dir
Comm/Family Health Staff
Comm/Family Health Staff Sup
Comm/Family Hlth ADD B Staff
Commerce Admin
Commercial Vehicle
Commissioner Labor & Industry
Commissioner of Education
Commissioner of Human Rights
Commissioner of Revenue
Commissioner's Off Admin Staff
Commissioner's Office
Commissioner's Staff
Commissioner-Main Account
Commissioners Office
Commissioners Plan FT
Commodity Services Staff
Commodity Services Supervisor
Communication Control Center
Communications Director
Communications Division
Communications Office
Communications Office Asst Dir
Communications Office Director
Communications Planning & Dig
Communications Services
Communications Staff
Communications Supv
Communications/Intergovt Rel
Community Based Services
Community Engagement Staff
Community Engagement Superviso
Community Housing Supports
Community Initiatives Staff
Community Initiatives Supervis
Community Living Supports
Community Nutrition Programs
Community Part Management
Community Programs
Community Relations
Community Supports Admin II
Community Supports Administrat
Commuter & Passenger Rail
Comp Cancer Staff
Comp Cancer Supervisor
Compensation & Classification
Competive Grants
Compliance #1
Compliance #2
Compliance & Assistance
Compliance Contracting & Proc
Compliance II Department
Compliance Mgmt & Policy
Compliance Monitoring ADD D
Compliance MonitoringADDDSt
Compliance Records & Training
Compliance Section
Compliance Staff
Compliance Supervisor
Compliance&Legislative Affairs
Conservation Education Nature
Conservation Manager Office
Construction Baxter
Construction Codes & Licensing
Construction Owatonna
Construction Rochester
Construction Services
Construction St Cloud
Construction Staff
Construction Surveys
Construction Winona
Consultant Administration
Consultant Liaison
Consultant Resident Office #6
Content Management
Continuing Care Administration
Continuity of Operations
Contract Close Out
Controller/Financial Mgmt Admn
Core Development Supervisor
Core Development Unit
Corporate Accounts
Corporate Franchise Tax Div
Corporate Tax - Audit Project
Corporate-Business Tax Group
Corporate-Field Group #1
Corporate-Field Group #2
Corporate-Field Group #3
Corporate-Field Group #4
Corporate-Policy & Training
Cosmetologist Examiners Board
Council MNs of AfricanHeritage
Council on Asian-Pacific Minn
County Operations & Fraud
County Operations & Reviews
County Paid District Court EEs
County Paid GAL EEs
Court Information
Court of Appeals
Court of Appeals Judges
Court Services
Court Services Call Center
Court Services Citation Entry
Court Services SRLP
Court Services-Bus Ed Support
Court ServicesAccounting Staff
COVID19 Res Acct Asst Director
CPM Child Development 2
CPM Child Development Services
CPM CLS Resettlement Programs
CPM Economic Opportunity
CPM Food Programs
CPM OEO Field Services
CPM Supv Child Dev Services
CR Admin Staff
CR ATS Staff
CR ATS Supervisor
CR Electric Tech Supervisor
CR Electronic Tech Staff
CR Environmental Staff
CR Environmental Supervisor
CR FF A-Shift
CR FF Assistant Chief
CR FF B-Shift
CR FF C-Shift
CR Military Personnel
CR Security Supervisor
CR Training Staff
Creative Services and Support
Crim Hist Record Info COE
Crim Hist Record Info COE 1
Crim Hist Record Info COE 2
Crim Hist Record Info COE 3
Crime Victim Positions on Hold
Criminal Apprehension
Criminal Apprehension Lab
Criminal Background Unit
Criminal Investigations 1
Criminal Investigations 2
Criminal Investigations Div
Cross Cutting Asst Sect Staff
Cross Cutting Section Staff
Cross Cutting Section Supervis
Crosswinds Janitorial
CRP 2 Security Couns A
CRP 2 Security Couns B
CRP Registered Nurse
CRP Security Couns
CS BIA Busn Integ & Align Team
CS Int Svs EBP
CS&P Administration
CS&P Adol Svc & Contract Mgt
CS&P Adoption Operations
CS&P Adoption Programs
CS&P Child Safety
CS&P Child Welfare Training
CS&P DepDirectorOperationStaff
CS&P Deputy Director
CS&P Deputy Staff
CS&P Families First
CS&P Family Supp & Place Svcs
CS&P ICWA Compliance
CS&P Indian Child Welfare Act
CS&P Leadership
CS&P Northstar Care
CS&P Placement Services - FC
CS&P Policy/Pgm Staff
CS&P Prevention Unit
CS&P Quality Assurance
CS&P Research & CTF
CS&P SSIS Business
CS&P Title IV-E Programs
CS&P Training
CS&P Training/Qual Assurance
CSA Central Functions
CSAH Needs
CSC Operations
CSE Administrative Support
CSE Collections
CSE Division Operations
CSE Federal Rpts & Compliance
CSE Management
CSE Ops Grant Mgt/Audit
CSE Payment Center
CSE Program Support
CSE Syst Mod Perf Rept Data
CSE Syst User Support/HelpDesk
CSE Training
CSP Quality Assurance Supv
CSS Administration
CSS Brainerd
CSS Dakota Crisis Home
CSS Forensic
CSS Hermantown Crisis Home
CSS Metro Mobile
CSS Northeast
CSS Northern Region
CSS Northwest
CSS Pine City Crisis Home
CSS Region 10 Crisis Home
CSS Region 7E
CSS Short Term Residential
CSS Southeast Mobile Team
CSS Southern Region
CSS Southwest Mobile Team
CSS Support/Supv
CSS Synergy
CTO Direct Rpts
Custom Application Development
Custom Development Staff
Customer Service-Call Center
Customer Service-RSS Staff
CVI Administration
CVI Data Quality Review
CVI Fixed 2900 RR/MH
CVI Mobile & Fixed 2400 SESW
CVI Mobile & Fixed Metro
CVI Mobile 2100 & MIP South
CVI Mobile 2600 2800
CVI Mobile 2900 3200 Northern
CVI Mobile&Fixed 22002300
CVI Mobile&Fixed 27003100
CVI Office Services Support
CVI Pupil Transportation
CVI St. Croix Scale
CVI Training
CYSHN Manager

Random Job Titles from Minnesota State Salaries
Labor Relations Manager
Quality Services Supv
Human Svcs Prog Spec 2
Arts Education Teacher 9
Human Svcs Prog Consultant
Rehabilitation Therapies Dir
Asst Commr MN Mgmt & Budget
Pub Util Financial Analyst 3
Affirmative Action Off 4
Asst Commr Pollution Control

Random Departments from Minnesota State Salaries
DVS Exam Region 2A
Enforcement-Business Office
Saas/Admin Services
MSOP SP CPS Operations C
IT Supervisor MN Zoo
Multi Fam-Underwriting
Office of Comm Supervisor
Birth Defects Monit & Analysis
Security Services Supervisors
FertilizerFieldUnit Supervisor

Random Agencies from Minnesota State Salaries
Water & Soil Resources Board
Governors Office
Racing Commission
Public Safety Dept
MN St Colleges & Universities
Natural Resources Dept
Occupational Therapy Pract Bd
Teachers Retirement Assoc
Corrections Dept
Administrative Hearings

Random Locations from Minnesota State Salaries
Location NameZip Code
Luverne 0
MSOCS Admin Willmar 0
DVS Title & Registration 0
DHS CO Brown & Bigelow 0
Blue Mounds SP Shop 0
CS-Field Svs-Marshall 1 0
MSOCS FC Shakopee 0
Board of School Administrators 0
Savanna Portage SP Shop 0
MSOCS DT&H Solstice 0