List of Departments at Minnesota State
OAH Staff Attorneys
OAH Support & Schedulers
Oakdale Subarea
Occu Therapy Practice Board
Occup Sfty & Indust Hygiene
OD Asst Division Director
OD COM Communication Unit 1
OD Communications Operation
OD DA Data Analysis Unit
OD Division Managers
OD Emergency Mgmt Unit
OD FAB Budgeting Unit
OD FAB Contract Unit
OD Facilities Management Unit
OD Financial Asst & Budg Sect
OD Financial Operations
OD Internal Controls
Office Inspector General
Office of Admin Hearings
Office of CFO
Office of Collab and Disp Res
Office of Comm Supervisor
Office of Communication 2
Office of Communications
Office of Cont Improvement
Office of Data Strat/Int Mgr
Office of Equity & Diversity
Office of Equity & Opportunity
Office of Fin HR & Policy
Office of Government Relations
Office of Inclusion
Office of Indian Affairs
Office of Indian Education
Office of Justice Programs
Office of Privacy Official
Office of Secretary of State
Office of State Procurement
Office of State Safety Oversig
Office of Student Well-being
Office of Teaching & Learning
Office of the CFO
Office of the Ombudsman
Office of Vital Records Staff
Office Services
Office Support
OHFC Director
OHFC Nursing Staff
OHFC Nursing Staff 2
OHFC Nursing Staff 3
OHFC Nursing Staff 4
OHFC Nursing Staff 5
OHFC Nursing Supervisor 1
OHFC Nursing Supervisor 4
OHFC Nursing Supervisor 5
OHFC Specialist 2
OHFC Supervisor 3
OIG CCAP Investigations Supv
OIG Fraud Data Analysis
OIG Fraud SIRS Legal Team
OIG Legal Counsel
OIG Licensing Director Mgmt
OIG LS Assistant Dir
OIG LS Intake & Investigations
OITS Managers
OJP Crime Victim Grants
OJP Crime Victims Reparations
OJP Grants Admin Team
OJP Just & Comm Grants
OJP Management
OJP Training and Research Team
OLA - PED - Badger Caitlin
OLA - PED - BombachValerie
OLA - PED - DelacuevaSarah
OLA - PED - KirchnerDavid
OLA - PED - RandallJudy
OLA - PED - Rodriguez Jodi
OLA - PED - SchwartzLaura
OLA-SSD-IT Director
OLA-SSD-Legislative Auditor
Olmstead Subcabinet
Ombudsman Client Services
Ombudsperson for Corr Staff
Ombudsperson For Families
OMC Director Staff
Operations Division Admin
Operations Management
Operations Management Spvr
Operations Management Unit
Operations Manager
Operations Program Staff
Operations Program Supervisor
Operations Services Division
Operations Staff
Operations Supervisor
Operations Support
Operations Support Staff
Operations Support Supv
Operations Unit
Operations Unit Staff
Operations Unit Sup
OPH A/W Administration
OPH A/W Operations
OPH Building Maintenance Supv
OPH Buyer Supervisors Staff
OPH Captain
OPH Clinical Prog Therapists 2
OPH Discipline Unit Supervisor
OPH Education Director
OPH Education Director's Staff
OPH Electronic Maintenance Sup
OPH Employee Devel Supv Staff
OPH Food Services Supervisor
OPH Human Resources Asst Dir
OPH Human Resources Dir
OPH Human Resources Dir Staff
OPH Industry Director
OPH Industry Director's Staff
OPH Industry Production Supv
OPH Investigations Stf-Intell
OPH Investigations Stf-Law Enf
OPH Lieut-Trans/Intake/Master
OPH Lieuten-WC 3rd Watch/Rec A
OPH Lieutenant-ACU
OPH Lieutenant-CX1
OPH Lieutenant-CX2
OPH Lieutenant-CX3
OPH Lieutenant-CX4
OPH Lieutenant-CX5
OPH Lieutenant-CX6
OPH Lieutenant-CX7/Kitchen
OPH Lieutenant-Property
OPH Lieutenant-Stf Schd/A-Team
OPH Lieutenant-TCU
OPH Lieutenant-Visiting
OPH Lieutenant-WC 1st Watch-A
OPH Lieutenant-WC 1st Watch-B
OPH Lieutenant-WC 2nd Watch A
OPH Lieutenant-WC 2nd Watch B
OPH Lieutenant-WC 3rd Watch-B
OPH Physical Plant Director
OPH Prog Admin-Mental Health
OPH Prog Dir-Behavior Health A
OPH Prog Dir-Behavior Health B
OPH Prog Dir-Transfers 2
OPH Program Director-Transfers
OPH Psychological Sv Dir Staff
OPH Psychologist Supervisor
OPH Purchasing Director
OPH Purchasing Directors Staff
OPH Records/Mailroom Supv
OPH RN Admin Supervisor
OPH RN Admin Supervisors Staff
OPH RN Supervisor A
OPH RN Supervisor B
OPH Safety Administrator
OPH Warden's Staff
OPH/STW Training Manager
OPR Compliance Office
OPR Compliance Olmstead Staff
OPR Deputy CCO
OPR Legal Management Office
OPR Legal Mgmt Office Deputy
OPR Legal Mgmt Office Sr Assoc
OPR LMO Health Care
Ops and Statewide Radio
Oral Health Manager
Oral Health Staff
Org Effectiveness
Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Supervisor
Organizational Planning & Mgmt
ORHPC Director
ORHPC Director Staff
ORHPC Supervisor
OSD Communications & Outreach
OSD Document Services Unit
OSD Emergency Readiness Sect
OSD Facilities Mgmt Section
OSD Facilities Support
OSD HR Employment Services
OSD HR Investigators
OSD HR OD & Training
OSD HR Operations
OSD HR Section Heads
OSD HR Transactions
OSD Human Resources
OSD Human Resources Unit
OSD Info & Records Mgmt Unit
OSD Internal Audit
OSD Internal Audit Staff
OSD Management Resources
OSD Management&BudgetServices
OSD MR Architects
OSD MR Bridge Engineers
OSD MR Equipment & Operations
OSD MR Facilities
OSD MR Fleet Management
OSD MR Landscape Architects
OSD MR Leasing & Space Plng
OSD MR Mailroom
OSD MR Northern Reg Engineers
OSD MR Region 1
OSD MR Region 1 Engineers
OSD MR Region 1 Equipment
OSD MR Region 1 Staff
OSD MR Region 2
OSD MR Region 2 Engineers
OSD MR Region 2 Equipment
OSD MR Region 2 Facility Ops
OSD MR Region 3
OSD MR Region 3 Engineers
OSD MR Region 3 Equipment
OSD MR Region 3 Staff
OSD MR Region 4
OSD MR Region 4 Engineers
OSD MR Region 4 Equipment
OSD MR Region 4 Staff
OSD MR Regional Engineers
OSD MR Safety & Health
OSD MR Section Heads
OSD OCO Creative Services
OSD OCO Info Ctr One Call
OSD OCO Information Center
OSD OCO Media Unit
OSD OCO Outreach & Education
OSD OCO R1 Officer
OSD OCO R2 Officer
OSD OCO R3 Officer
OSD OCO R4 Officer
OSD OCO Section Heads
OSD OCO Strategic Comms
OSD OCO Volunteer Magazine
OSD OMB Accounts Payable
OSD OMB Accounts Receivable
OSD OMB Business Services
OSD OMB Financial Reporting
OSD OMB Grants & Budget
OSD OMB Grants Staff
OSD OMB Procurement Staff
OSD OMB Procurement Sups
OSD OMB Section Heads
OSD OP Bldgs & Sustainability
OSD OP Business Office Staff
OSD OP Business Services
OSD OP Data & Performance Mgmt
OSD OP Mgmt & Planning
OSD OP Policy & Planning
OSD OP R1 Bus Office
OSD OP R1 Bus Office Staff
OSD OP R1 Planner
OSD OP R2 Bus Office
OSD OP R2 Bus Office Staff
OSD OP R2 Planner
OSD OP R3 Bus Office
OSD OP R3 Bus Office Staff
OSD OP R3 Planner
OSD OP R4 Bus Office
OSD OP R4 Bus Office Staff
OSD OP R4 Planners
OSD OP Section Heads
OSD Operations Section
OSD Organizational Improve Unt
OSD Region 1 Manager
OSD Region 2 Manager
OSD Region 3 Manager
OSD Region 4 Manager
OSH Administration
OSH Administrative Support
OSH Consultation
OSH Discrim Supv
OSH Inspection North
OSH Program Administration
OSHA Discrimination
OSHA Inspection Central
OSHA Inspection Princ/IH3
OSHA Inspection South
OSHA Training and Outreach
OSHI Director Staff
OSHII Assistant Director Staff
OSHII Asst Div Director
OSHII Director
OSP Acquisitions
OSP Coordinator
OSP Operations Services
OSP-MMCAP-KFM Supervisors
OTS Traffic Safety Management
OTS Traffic Safety Program
OTS Traffic Safety Support
Outreach & Communications
Outreach Division
Outreach Program Area
Owatonna Regional Office

Random Job Titles from Minnesota State Salaries
Housing Dev Off Inter
Plant Industry Inspector 2
Jud Dir Human Resources
Trainee-Forensic Scientist 1
Radio Tower Technician Senior
Loan Officer Supervisor
Transp Prog Specialist 3
Automotive Parts Technician
State Prog Admin
Training & Development Supv 1

Random Departments from Minnesota State Salaries
3rd Case Processing
APA Support
Desktop Supervisors
Public Hlth Lab Support
ADE Construction Baxter
Deputy Comm Staff
PAT-R2 Judge CR Magney Staff
Office of Inclusion

Random Agencies from Minnesota State Salaries
Water & Soil Resources Board
Higher Ed Facilities Authority
Optometry Board
Mn State Academies
Housing Finance Agency
Administration Dept
Barber Examiners Board
Iron Range Resources & Rehab
Tax Court
Mn Management & Budget

Random Locations from Minnesota State Salaries
Location NameZip Code
Side Lake Office 0
Secretary of State IS Div 0
0353 BCD Brownfield Comm Ast 0
NewtonIA 0
0051 SSB Braille 0
CABHS Brainerd 0
MPCA-Benson 0
MPCA-Hutchinson 0
MnSCU Oregon Eugene 0
Governor's Residence 0