List of Departments at Minnesota State
L & M Survey Staff/Supv
L&C Admin Support Sup
L&C Asst Dir B
L&C Asst Director A
L&C Asst Div C
L&C Prog Assurance Sup
L&M Acquisitions
L&M Admin Supvs/Staff
L&M Asst Directors
L&M Engin/Minrl Potential/Sur
L&M Engineering & Development
L&M Fiscal Management
L&M Land Asset & School Trust
L&M Mine Permit & Coord Staff
L&M Mine Permit & Coord Supv
L&M Mine Reclamation Spv/Staff
L&M Mine Waste Characterizatio
L&M Mineral Potential
L&M Mineral Potential Hibbing
L&M Real Estate Appraisal Unit
L&M Real Estate Transactions
L&M Reclam Research & Support
L&M Regional Ops - Bemidji
L&M Regional Ops -Gr Rapids
L&M Regional Supv
L&M Survey 1 - Brainerd
L&M Survey 2 - Bemidji
L&M Survey 3 - St Paul
L&M Survey Support
L&M Trans Legal Staff/Supv
L&M Transactions
Lab Operations Unit Staff
Lab Operations Unit Supervisor
Lab Services Director
Lab Services Director Staff
Labor Mediators
Labor Relations Adm Support
Labor Relations Agency Support
Labor Relations Staff
Labor Standards
Lakes Subarea
Lakeville Subarea
LAN Management Staff
LAN Supervisor
Land Management
Land Permits & Permitting Dev.
Lands & Minerals
Law Library
Law Library - Technical
Law Library-Public Services
Lawyers Prof Resp Bd
LCC - Fiscal Services
Le Sueur Subarea
Leadership Team
Learning And Insurance Unit
Learning Resources Center
Leg Comm Minnesota Resources
Leg Comm Pensions & Retirement
Legal & Risk Management
Legal Affairs
Legal Affairs Director
Legal Affairs Staff
Legal and Compliance
Legal and Legislative
Legal Compliance
Legal Mgt Admin Law
Legal Mgt Admin Law Staff
Legal Services
Legal Services 1
Legal Services 2
Legal Services Manager
Legal Services Staff
Legal Services Support
Legal Services Unit
Legal Support Services
Legislative Affairs
Legislative Budget Office
Legislative Coordinating Comm
Legislative Policy
Legislative Policy Director
Legislative Reference Library
Legislative/Govt Relations
Legislative/Govt Relations Dir
Licen Alcohol Drug Counselor
Licensing & Certification Supv
Licensing Attorneys
Licensing Dir
Licensing Section
Licensing&Certifications Staff
Licensure &Consumer Protection
Little Falls Admin Staff
Little Falls Cemetery Staff
Livestock Development Staff
LL A/W Administration
LL A/W Operations
LL Accounting Manager
LL Accounting Manager's Staff
LL Accounting Supervisor
LL Behavioral Health Assoc Dir
LL Building Maintenance Supv
LL Captain
LL Captain B
LL Clinical Prog Therapists 1
LL Clinical Prog Therapists 2
LL Director of Nursing
LL Discipline Unit Supervisor
LL Education Director
LL Education Director's Staff
LL Electrical Maintenance Supv
LL Employee Develop Supv Staff
LL Food Services Supervisor
LL Human Resources Dir Staff
LL Investigations Stf-Intell
LL Investigations Stf-Law Enf
LL Lieutenant-A
LL Lieutenant-B
LL Lieutenant-C
LL Lieutenant-D
LL Lieutenant-E
LL Lieutenant-F
LL Lieutenant-G
LL Lieutenant-H
LL Lieutenant-I
LL Lieutenant-O
LL Lieutenant-R
LL Lieutenant-U
LL Lieutenant-X
LL Lieutenant-Y
LL LPN Supervisor
LL Office Services Supervisr 3
LL Physical Plant Director
LL Prog Admin-Mental Health
LL Program Director-A
LL Program Director-B
LL Program Director-C
LL Program Director-E
LL Program Director-F
LL Program Director-G
LL Program Director-SOTP
LL Psychological Sv Dir Staff
LL Psychological Svs Dir-B
LL Psychologist Supervisor
LL RN Admin Supervisor
LL RN Admin Supervisors Staff
LL RN Supervisor
LL Safety Administrator
LL Sex Offend Treatm Dir Staff
LL Training Manager
LL Triad Director A
LL Triad Director E
LL TRIAD/Chem Dep Pr Dir Staff
LL Warden's Staff
LL Warehse/Canteen/Mailrm/Prop
LOB Div Managers
Loca & Disp
Local Water Mgmt
Location Surveys E&W
LS Background Stidies Group 8
LS Background Studies Group IV
LS Background Studies Group VI
LS Background Studies GroupIII
LS Background Studies Grp 2
LS Background Studies Grp 7
LS Background Studies Grp III
LS Background Studies Grp V
LS BGS Enterprise Trng Unit
LS CCC & ADC Lic Unit #1
LS CCC Licensing Unit #3
LS CCC Licensing Unit #6
LS CCC Licensing Unit #7
LS Central Intake Unit
LS Child Care & Family Sys
LS Child Care Licensing Unit
LS Data Analytics & Operations
LS Data Policy Reports
LS DD Licensing Unit
LS Family Systems Foster Care
LS FCC Operations
LS FCC Outreach
LS Foster Care Licensing
LS HCBS Licensing Unit Supv II
LS Investigations Group I
LS Investigations Group II
LS Legal Action Office
LS MH/CD Licensing Unit
LS Operations Support

Random Job Titles from Minnesota State Salaries
Chief Exec Officer 3-Human Svc
Perpich Ctr Arts Educ Prog Dir
Exec Dir PERA
Exec Dir Physical Therapy Bd
Business Manager 2
Lawful Gambling Lic Supv
Zoo Keeper
Jud Records Clerk II
Plant Health Specialist 1

Random Departments from Minnesota State Salaries
Lab Services Director Staff
Chemistry/Toxicology Unit Supv
MnSCU MAN Americorp
MnSCU Mn State CTC FF Class
AGO Admin 2 Staff
Network Design WAN
Office of the CFO
EAP Admin
MNsure Purchasing & Contracts
FE Licensing

Random Agencies from Minnesota State Salaries
Accountancy Board
Governors Office
MN St Colleges & Universities
Housing Finance Agency
Nursing Board
Natural Resources Dept
Social Work Board
Water & Soil Resources Board
Transportation Dept
Ombud Mental Hlth & Dev Dis

Random Locations from Minnesota State Salaries
Location NameZip Code
0011 CO Fiscal Management 0
Interstate SP Shop 0
Montgomery 0
P&S/Claims-Federal Building 0
0173 JS/UI Burnsville 0
Camp Ripley Training Site 0
DHS Community Housing Supports 0
MnSCU MnWest Jackson TC 0
CARE Fergus Falls 0
Paynesville 0