List of Departments at Minnesota State
WAN Design Install. & Support
Water Analysis Unit Staff
Water Analysis Unit Supervisor
Water Resources
Waterborne Disease Staff
Waterborne Disease Unit Sup
WC Claims Administration
WC Claims Team A
WC Claims Team C
WC Disability Mgmt Services
WC Legal Support
WC Support Staff
WC Supvs & Legal Services
WCA Operations
WCCA Judges
Web & Vendor Products
Web Content Management Staff
Web Technical Services
Weed & Hemp Unit
Weed & Hemp Unit Supervisor
Weights & Measures Lab
Weights & Measures Lt Duty
Weights & Measures Office
Well Management
Well Management Director
Well Management Support
Well Management Support Suprv
Well Management-Central Office
Well Management-Metro Region
Well Management-Northern Reg
Well Management-Southern Reg
Well Mgmt Central Office Supv
Well Mgmt Metro Region Superv
Well Mgmt Northern Region Supv
Well Mgmt South Region Superv
West Area Manager
West Metro D 2500 Clerical
West Metro D 2500 MNPASS
West Metro D 2500 Supervisors
West Metro D 2500 Troopers
West Operations Mgr
Wetland Banking
Wetland Section
WFD Business Services
WFD Business SVS Field Oper X
WFD GWDC Support
WFD Job Seeker Services
WFD Job Seeker Services X
WFD Job Seeker SVS Field Op
WFD Job Seeker SVS Field Op X
WFD Job Seekers Services X
WFD Job Seekers SVS Field Op X
WFD WF Systems Coordination
WFD WF Systems Coordination X
WFD Worforce Dev Dir
WFD Workforce Dev Dir
WFD Workforce Dev Director
WFD Workforce Dev Director X
Whitewater Engineering Service
WIC/SNP Director
Willmar Bridge
Willmar Construction
Willmar Maintenance Area
Willmar Shop
Windom Bridge Maint
Windom Buildings
Windom Resident Office
Windom Shop
Windom Subarea
Windows Server Support
WL R3 Vermillion River Staff
WL-R1 Asst Reg Staff
WL-R1 Baudette
WL-R1 Baudette Staff
WL-R1 Bemidji
WL-R1 Bemidji Staff
WL-R1 Detroit Lakes
WL-R1 Detroit Lakes Staff
WL-R1 Erskine
WL-R1 Erskine Staff
WL-R1 Fergus Falls
WL-R1 Fergus Falls Staff
WL-R1 Glenwood
WL-R1 Glenwood Staff
WL-R1 Karlstad
WL-R1 Karlstad Staff
WL-R1 Park Rapids
WL-R1 Park Rapids Staff
WL-R1 Red Lake
WL-R1 Red Lake Staff
WL-R1 Res Bemidji
WL-R1 Res Bemidji Staff
WL-R1 Roseau
WL-R1 Roseau Staff
WL-R1 Staff
WL-R1 Thief Lake
WL-R1 Thief Lake Staff
WL-R1 Thief River
WL-R1 Thief River Staff
WL-R2 Aitkin
WL-R2 Brainerd Staff
WL-R2 Brainerd/Aitkin
WL-R2 Cloquet/Duluth
WL-R2 Cloquet/Duluth Staff
WL-R2 Grand Rapids
WL-R2 Grand Rapids Staff
WL-R2 Int'l Falls
WL-R2 Int'l Falls Staff
WL-R2 Res Grand Rapids
WL-R2 Res Grand Rapids Staff
WL-R2 Staff
WL-R2 Tower
WL-R2 Tower Staff
WL-R2 Two Harbors/GM
WL-R2 Two Harbors/GM Staff
WL-R3 Cambridge
WL-R3 Cambridge Staff
WL-R3 Carlos Avery
WL-R3 Carlos Avery Staff
WL-R3 Forest Lake
WL-R3 Forest Lake Staff
WL-R3 Little Falls
WL-R3 Little Falls Staff
WL-R3 Mille Lacs
WL-R3 Mille Lacs Staff
WL-R3 SE Operations
WL-R3 SE Ops Staff
WL-R3 Shakopee
WL-R3 St Cloud
WL-R3 St Cloud Staff
WL-R3 Staff
WL-R3 Vermillion River
WL-R3 Whitewater/Winona Staff
WL-R3 Whitwater/Winona
WL-R4 Appleton
WL-R4 Appleton Staff
WL-R4 LQP Staff
WL-R4 Marshall
WL-R4 Marshall Staff
WL-R4 Nicollet
WL-R4 Nicollet Staff
WL-R4 Res Madelia
WL-R4 Res Madelia Staff
WL-R4 SE Ops Staff
WL-R4 Staff
WL-R4 Talcot Lake/Slayton
WL-R4 TalcotLake/Slayton Staff
WL-R4 Willmar/Redwood Falls
WL-R4 Willmar/RF Staff
WL-R4 Windom
WL-R4 Windom Staff
Women & Infant Health Staff
Women & Infant Health Sup
Word Processing Ctr
Work Comp Modernization
Workers'Comp. Court of Appeals
Workforce & Low Incidence
Workforce and Agency Service
Workforce Diversity &Inclusion
Workforce One Project Group
Workforce Plng-State
Workplace Safety & Technology
Workstation/Security/Domain St
Workzone Design
Worthington Subarea
WPS Consultation Special Progs
WPS MNStar MNSharp
WPS Traditional Programs
WR Behavorial Health Prog Dir
WR Case/Transition Staff
WR Education Director's Staff
WR Food Services Supervisor
WR Physical Plant Supervisor
WR Program Director's Staff
WR Psychologist Supv Staff
WR Resid Svs Mgr-Psych Staff
WR RN Admin Supervisors Staff
WR Security
WR Security 2
WR Security 3
WTR Asst Division Director
WTR Division Managers
WTR EC Watershed Unit
WTR FS East Feedlot Unit
WTR MUN BS Business Supt Unit2
WTR MUN BS Business Supt Unit3
WTR MUN Business Support Unit
WTR NE WS Watershed Unit
WTR North Central Watershed Un
WTR Northwest Watershed Unit
WTR SE Watershed Unit
WTR South Section
WTR SW Watershed Unit
WTR West Feedlot Unit
WTR Wtrshed Info & Asst Unit

Random Job Titles from Minnesota State Salaries
Judicial Business Process Spe
MnSCU Administrator 5
Jud Human Resources Generalist
Medical Assistant Certified
Facility Security Director
Environmental Specialist 1
Jud Forensic Psychometrist Sr
Military Refuse Vehic Oper
Jud Appellate Courts Attorney

Random Departments from Minnesota State Salaries
Fish-R1 Park Rapids Staff
MnSCU Alexandria TC Prof/Supr
MnSCU MnWest Canby TC Class
OSD MR Equipment & Operations
Fish-R2 Grand Rapids Staff
CIP - Demand Efficiency
Response Trng & Outreach Supv
TS Monticello
Tax Research
Mpls Environmental Srvics Supv

Random Agencies from Minnesota State Salaries
Nursing Board
Cosmetologist Exam Board
Teachers Retirement Assoc
Emergency Medical Services Bd
Higher Ed Facilities Authority
Trial Courts
MN State Retirement System
Optometry Board
Agriculture Dept
Social Work Board

Random Locations from Minnesota State Salaries
Location NameZip Code
MNIT Vets Affairs Msp 0
Strongsville OH 0
CS-Field Svs-Windom 2 0
MSOCS Admin Baxter/Brainerd 0
Bemidji R1 HQ Shop 0
0800 JS/UI Willmar 0
Buffalo River SP Contact Sta 0
MSOCS FC Chatham Way 0
DHS CSS Esko 0
CS-Field Svs-Cambridge 2 0