List of Departments at Minnesota State
Parks & Trails
Partner Services Unit Staff
Partner Services Unit Sup
Partnership & Workforce Dvlpmt
Partnership&Workforce Dev Sup
PAT D7 St Paul Staff
PAT Interp/Visitor Svcs Prog
PAT R1A Bemidji/Nevis Staff
PAT R1B Fergus Falls Staff
PAT R1B Fergus Falls Supv
PAT R1C TR Falls Staff
PAT R2 Gilbert Staff
PAT R2A Staff
PAT R2B Tower Staff
PAT R2C Two Harbors Staff
PAT R2C Two Harbors Staff2
PAT R3B Watertown Staff
PAT R3C Sauk Rapids Staff
PAT R3C Sauk Rapids Supv
PAT R3D Rochester Staff
PAT R4A Spicer Staff
PAT R4A Spicer Supv
PAT R4B Windom Staff
PAT R4B Windom Supv
PAT R4C Hutchinson Staff
PAT R4D Rochester Staff
PAT R4D Rochester Supv
PAT T&W R2D Moose Lake Staff
PAT- Parks Reg 2-Res Mgmt
PAT- Parks Reg 3
PAT-Cent Reg-StrategicPrograms
PAT-Central Reg-District 7
PAT-Central Reg-District 8
PAT-Central Reg-LeadershipTeam
PAT-Central Reg-Operations
PAT-CO-Acq & Development
PAT-CO-Admin Asst
PAT-CO-Admin Serv-Operations
PAT-CO-Admin Services
PAT-CO-Asst Director
PAT-CO-Leadership Team
PAT-CO-Outreach Program
PAT-CO-Research Plan & Eval
PAT-CO-Resource Mgmt
PAT-CO-Strategic Rec Mgmt
PAT-NE Region-District 3
PAT-NE Region-District 4
PAT-NE Region-District 5
PAT-NE Region-Leadership Team
PAT-NE Region-Operations
PAT-NW Region-Distict 2
PAT-NW Region-Leadership Team
PAT-NW Region-Operations
PAT-Parks Reg 1
PAT-Parks Reg 2
PAT-Parks Reg 3-RPOS Staff 2
PAT-Parks Reg 4-Interp Mgmt
PAT-R1 Big Bog Rec Area
PAT-R1 Big Bog Rec AreaStaff
PAT-R1 Buffalo River
PAT-R1 Buffalo River Asst
PAT-R1 Buffalo River Staff
PAT-R1 Buffalo RiverAsstStaff
PAT-R1 Glacial Lakes Staff
PAT-R1 Glendalough
PAT-R1 Glendalough Staff
PAT-R1 Hayes Lake
PAT-R1 Hayes Lake Staff
PAT-R1 Itasca
PAT-R1 Itasca DL Food
PAT-R1 Itasca Accounting Staff
PAT-R1 Itasca Asst
PAT-R1 Itasca Camping
PAT-R1 Itasca DL Housekeeping
PAT-R1 Itasca DL Rest
PAT-R1 Itasca Gift Shops
PAT-R1 Itasca Maint Staff
PAT-R1 Itasca Security/Camping
PAT-R1 Itasca Staff
PAT-R1 Lake Bemidji
PAT-R1 Lake Bemidji Asst
PAT-R1 Lake Bemidji Asst Staff
PAT-R1 Lake Bemidji Staff
PAT-R1 Lake Bronson
PAT-R1 Lake Bronson Asst
PAT-R1 Lake Bronson Asst Staff
PAT-R1 Lake Bronson Staff
PAT-R1 Lake Carlos
PAT-R1 Lake Carlos Asst
PAT-R1 Lake Carlos Asst Staff
PAT-R1 Lake Carlos Staff
PAT-R1 Maplewood
PAT-R1 Maplewood Asst
PAT-R1 Maplewood Asst Staff
PAT-R1 Old Mill Asst
PAT-R1 Zippel Bay Asst Staff
PAT-R2 Banning
PAT-R2 Banning Staff
PAT-R2 Bear Head Lake
PAT-R2 Bear Head Lake Asst
PAT-R2 Bear Head Lake Staff
PAT-R2 Brainerd Staff
PAT-R2 Cascade River
PAT-R2 Cascade River Asst
PAT-R2 Crow Wing
PAT-R2 Crow Wing Asst
PAT-R2 Cuyuna Country
PAT-R2 Cuyuna Country Staff
PAT-R2 Gooseberry Falls
PAT-R2 Gooseberry Falls Asst
PAT-R2 GooseberryFalls Staff 1
PAT-R2 GooseberryFalls Staff 2
PAT-R2 GooseberryFalls Staff 3
PAT-R2 Grand Portage
PAT-R2 Grand Portage Staff
PAT-R2 Hill Annex Mine Staff
PAT-R2 Jay Cooke
PAT-R2 Jay Cooke Asst
PAT-R2 Jay Cooke Staff 1
PAT-R2 Jay Cooke Staff 2
PAT-R2 Judge CR Magney Staff
PAT-R2 McCarthy Beach
PAT-R2 McCarthy Beach Staff
PAT-R2 McCarthy Beach Staff 2
PAT-R2 Moose Lake Staff
PAT-R2 Savanna Portage
PAT-R2 Savanna Portage Staff
PAT-R2 Scenic
PAT-R2 Scenic Asst
PAT-R2 Scenic Staff 1
PAT-R2 Scenic Staff 2
PAT-R2 Soudan Mine
PAT-R2 Soudan Mine Admin
PAT-R2 Soudan Mine Ops Staff
PAT-R2 Soudan Mine Staff 1
PAT-R2 Soudan Mine Staff 2
PAT-R2 Split Rock Light Staff1
PAT-R2 Split Rock Light Staff2
PAT-R2 St Croix
PAT-R2 St Croix Asst
PAT-R2 St Croix Staff
PAT-R2 St Croix Staff 2
PAT-R2 Tettegouche
PAT-R2 Tettegouche Asst
PAT-R2 Tettegouche PublicSer
PAT-R2 Tettegouche Staff
PAT-R2GooseberryFalls Staff 4
PAT-R3 Afton
PAT-R3 Afton Asst
PAT-R3 Afton Staff 1
PAT-R3 Afton Staff 2
PAT-R3 Beaver Crk Vlly Staff
PAT-R3 Chas Lindberg Staff
PAT-R3 Father Hennepin Asst
PAT-R3 Father Hennepin Staff
PAT-R3 Forestville
PAT-R3 Forestville Admin Staff
PAT-R3 Forestville Asst
PAT-R3 Forestville CaveStaff
PAT-R3 Forestville Staff 2
PAT-R3 Frontenac
PAT-R3 Frontenac Asst
PAT-R3 Frontenac Staff 2
PAT-R3 Ft Snelling Asst
PAT-R3 Ft Snelling Staff 1
PAT-R3 Ft Snelling Staff 2
PAT-R3 Great River Bluffs
PAT-R3 Great River BluffsStaff
PAT-R3 Interstate
PAT-R3 Interstate Asst
PAT-R3 Interstate Staff 2
PAT-R3 Lake Maria
PAT-R3 Lake Maria Staff
PAT-R3 Mille Lacs Kathio
PAT-R3 Mille Lacs KathioAsst
PAT-R3 Mille LacsKathioStaff 2
PAT-R3 MilleLacsKathioStaff 1
PAT-R3 Whitewater
PAT-R3 Whitewater Asst
PAT-R3 Whitewater Seasonal
PAT-R3 Whitewater Staff
PAT-R3 Wild River
PAT-R3 Wild River Asst
PAT-R3 Wild River Staff 2
PAT-R3 Wm O'Brien
PAT-R3 Wm O'Brien Asst
PAT-R3 Wm O'Brien Staff 2
PAT-R4 Big Stone Lake
PAT-R4 Big Stone Lake Staff
PAT-R4 Blue Mounds
PAT-R4 Blue Mounds Asst
PAT-R4 Blue Mounds Staff 1
PAT-R4 Blue Mounds Staff 2
PAT-R4 Camden
PAT-R4 Camden Staff 1
PAT-R4 Camden Staff 2
PAT-R4 Flandrau
PAT-R4 Flandrau Asst
PAT-R4 Flandrau Staff 1
PAT-R4 Ft Ridgely Asst
PAT-R4 Ft Ridgely Staff
PAT-R4 Lac Qui Parle
PAT-R4 Lac Qui Parle Staff
PAT-R4 Lake Shetek Asst
PAT-R4 Lake Shetek Staff
PAT-R4 Minneopa Asst
PAT-R4 Minneopa Staff 1
PAT-R4 Myre Big Island
PAT-R4 Myre Big Island Asst
PAT-R4 Myre Big Island Staff
PAT-R4 Nerstrand Big Wood
PAT-R4 Nerstrand Big WoodStaff
PAT-R4 Rice Lake Staff
PAT-R4 Sakatah Lake
PAT-R4 Sakatah Lake Staff
PAT-R4 Sibley
PAT-R4 Sibley Asst
PAT-R4 Sibley Staff 2
PAT-R4 Split Rock Creek Staff
PAT-R4 Upper Sioux Asst
PAT-R4 Upper Sioux Staff
PAT-Reg 4
PAT-Rg 3 MN Valley Trail Staff
PAT-South Reg-District 9
PAT-South Reg-Leadership Team
PAT-South Reg-Operations
PAT-South-Reg-District 10
Patrol Investigation Support
Patrol Investigative Unit
Payroll Management
Payroll Operations
Payroll Processing
Payroll Staff
Payroll Supervisor
PC & FA Staff
PC & FA Supervisor
PDRG Support Staff
Peace Officers Stand. And Trg
PELSB - Education Policy
PELSB Customer Service
PELSB Educator Licensing
PELSB Teacher Licensing
Pension Administration
PeopleSoftApplication Dev
Perform Improv & Research Stf
Permit & Tech Services
Permits Advertising Rochester
Perpich Ctr For Arts Education
Pest Detection & Mgmt Unit Sup
Pest Detection &MgmtUnitStaff
Pesticide Non-Point ProgramSup
Pesticide Technical Unit Staff
Pesticide Technical Unit Supv
Pesticide Unit Staff
Pesticide Unit Supervisor
Petro Fund Admn
PFMD Assistant Director
PFMD Director
PFMD Support Staff
Pharmacy Department
Pharmacy Supv
PHL Assistant Division Dir
PHL Division Director
Physical Plant
Pilot Salaries - Fund 270
Pipeline Outreach/Enforcement
Pipeline Program
Pipeline Safety
Pipeline Safety Admin Support
Pipeline Safety Director
Pipeline Safety Response
Pipeline Safety Support
Plan Analysis & Evaluation
Plan Development
Plan Development Baxter
Planning & Administration
Planning & Improvement Staff
Planning and Development Staff
Planning and Development Sup
Planning Baxter
Planning Prgm Mgmt & Transit
Planning/Policy/Training Stf
Planning/Policy/Training Sup
Plant Analysis Unit Staff
Plant Analysis Unit Supervisor
Plant Management
Plant Mgmt Accounting
Plant Mgmt Automation
Plant Mgmt Business Operations
Plant Mgmt Carpenter Shop
Plant Mgmt Electrical Shop
Plant Mgmt Evening Bldg Mgr
Plant Mgmt Grounds
Plant Mgmt Office Services
Plant Mgmt Parking
Plant Mgmt Pipe Shop
Plant Mgmt Technical Services
Plant Mgr
Plant Pest Reg & Mitigat Sup
Plant Protection
Plumbing Inspections
Plymouth Bridge
Plymouth Subarea
PM Even Janit Andersen Admin
PM Evening Janitorial COB
PM Evening Janitorial DOT
PM Evening Janitorial Freeman
PM Evening Janitorial History
PM Evening Janitorial SOB
PM Evening Janitorial Stassen
PM Itasca River Bldg Mgr
PM Itasca River Janitorial
PM Whitewater Stream Bldg Mgr
PM Whitewater Stream Janitor
PMO Supervisor
Podiatric Medicine Board
Police/Fire Relief Oversight
Policy & Community Development
Policy & Legal Affairs
Policy and Administration
Policy TA Info Resources
Portfolio Mgmt and Tool Supp
POST Board Admin Support
POST Board Operations
Potato Inspection Staff
Potato Inspection Supervisor
PPD Assistant Director Staff
PPD Director
PPD Director Staff
Practice Unit Staff
Practice Unit Supervisor
Preschool Development Grant
Preston Admin Staff
Preston Cemetery Staff
Prevailing Wage
Prgr Delvy Area Mgr Support
Printing and Electronic Media
Private Detective Board
Private Detectives Bd Admn Svs
Private Markets
Processing Center
Procurement & Contracting
Procurement Tech Asst Center
Procurement Unit
Procurement Unit Supervisor
Produce Safety Program
Produce Safety Program Staff
Production Control
Production Support Supv
Prof / Tech Contracting
Prog Assess & Integrity Div
Program & Operations
Program Area Communications
Program Assurance Staff
Program Compliance & Audits
Program Compliance & Audits 2
Program Compliance & Audits HC
Program Del Exempt
Program Del Non-Ex Prof
Program Delivery
Program Development
Program Management
Program Manager
Program Support
Programs & Policy
Programs & Services Staff
Proj Mgmt Opers & Analytics
Project Data Management
Project Delivery
Project Development
Project Development Baxter
Project Development St Cloud
Project Documentation
Project Management
Project Management & Tech Supp
Project Management Group 1
Project Management Group 2
Project Management Metro
Project Management Staff
Project Management Unit
Project Management Unit Supv
Projects and Applications
Projects and Planning
Property & Casualty
Property and Purchasing
Property Conveyance
Property Tax Division
Property Tax-Assistant Dir
Property Tax-Asst Director
Property Tax-Audit/Treasure Sv
Property Tax-Data & Analysis
Property Tax-Info & Education
Property Tax-Operations
Property Tax-Regional Reps
Property Tax-Research
Property Tax-State Assess Prop
Provider Development Staff
Provider Investigations
Provider Screening
Psy Management
PsychoIogy Intern Trainees
Psychology Department
Psychology Director
Public Affairs
Public Defense Board
Public Employment Relations Bd
Public Engagement &Constituent
Public Facilities Authority
Public Health Informatics Staf
Public Health Informatics Sup
Public Health Practice Staff
Public Health PracticeSectnMgr
Public Hlth Lab Support
Public HlthEmergencyPreparMgr
Public Markets
Public Rel & Comm Director
Public Relations
Public Relations & Comm
Public Utilities Comm IT Staff
Purchasing Staff
Purchasing Supervisor

Random Job Titles from Minnesota State Salaries
Stationary Engineer
Traffic Mgmt Sys Integrator Sp
Agric Technician
Special Teacher Ma/Ms+Lic+10gr
Corr Food Svcs Supv
Medical Laboratory Tech 2
Workers Comp Claims Mgt Spc
Trainee-Graduate Land Srvyr
Exec Dir Investment Bd

Random Departments from Minnesota State Salaries
Materials Management Section
RW Safety Administrator
QA and BA Team
10th District - Anoka
DHS Business Solutions Data
Building Mechanics
RC Electronic Maintenance Supv
Marshall Construction
Group H
DVS Exam Region 10B

Random Agencies from Minnesota State Salaries
Revenue Dept
Capitol Area Architect
Nursing Home Admin Board
Explore Minnesota Tourism
Peace Officers Board (POST)
MN St Colleges & Universities
Veterinary Medicine Board
Pollution Control Agency
Gambling Control Board
Mn Management & Budget

Random Locations from Minnesota State Salaries
Location NameZip Code
Mora 0
District 3-Rice 0
Watertown Office 0
MCF - Rush City 0
Lakeville 0
Central Office-St Paul 0
Cannon Falls 0
MSOCS FC Lakeland 2 0
MNIT DOC Rush City 0
MNIT DNR Rochester Office 0