List of Titles at Minnesota State
Accessibility Specialist
Account Clerk
Account Clerk Senior
Accounting Director
Accounting Manager
Accounting Officer
Accounting Officer Inter
Accounting Officer Principal
Accounting Officer Senior
Accounting Supervisor
Accounting Supervisor Inter
Accounting Supervisor Princ
Accounting Supervisor Senior
Accounting Technician
Accounting Technician Supv
Acquisition Management Spec
Acquisition Management Spec Sr
Addressing Machine Technician
Adjutant General
Admin Agency Div Director
Admin Agency Div Director Sr
Admin Law Judge
Admin Mgmt Director 1
Admin Mgmt Director 2
Admin Mgmt Services Dir
Admin Officer
Admin Planning Dir St
Admin Secretary Supv
Admin Svcs Bureau Mgr
Admin Svcs Dir
Admin Systems Supv
Affirmative Action Off 1
Affirmative Action Off 2
Affirmative Action Off 3
Affirmative Action Off 4
Agency Chief Financial Officer
Agency Internal Audit Manager
Agency Policy Specialist
Agric Advisor
Agric Consultant
Agric Program Supervisor
Agric Specialist
Agric Technician
Agric Unit Supervisor
Agronomy Asst Dir Environ Reg
Airfield Fire Fighter
Airfield Fire Fighter Asst Chf
Airfield Fire Fighter Senior
Airfield Fire Prevent Inspectr
Analytical Laboratory Spec
Animal Health Specialist
Appeals Court Attorney
Appeals Examiner
Appraisal Supervisor
Apprenticeship Trng Fld Rep Sr
Architect 1
Architect 2
Architectural Drafting Tech 2
Architectural Drafting Tech 3
Architectural Supervisor
Area Terminal Produce Inspecto
Arts Education Teacher 2
Arts Education Teacher 4
Arts Education Teacher 5
Arts Education Teacher 6
Arts Education Teacher 7
Arts Education Teacher 8
Arts Education Teacher 9
Arts Program Associate 1
Arts Program Associate 2
Arts School Prog Admin
Arts School Residence Coord
Asst Commr Administration
Asst Commr Agriculture
Asst Commr Commerce
Asst Commr Corrections
Asst Commr Education
Asst Commr Empl & Economic Dev
Asst Commr Health
Asst Commr Human Services
Asst Commr Labor & Industry
Asst Commr MN Mgmt & Budget
Asst Commr NR Operations
Asst Commr Office MN.IT Svcs
Asst Commr Pollution Control
Asst Commr Public Safety
Asst Commr Revenue
Asst Commr Transportation
Asst Dir Animal Health Bd
Asst Dir Constr Codes & Lic
Asst Dir Medical Practice Bd
Asst Dir Mgt Analysis
Asst Dir Mn State Lottery
Asst Exec Dir Campaign Fin Bd
Asst Exec Dir Retire Systems
Asst Exec Sec Investment Bd
Asst Secretary of State
Asst Superintendent Bca
Asst To Commr
Athletic Equipment Manager
Attorney 1
Attorney 2
Attorney 3
Attorney 4
Attorney General
Auction Program Specialist
Audio Visual Aide
Audio Visual Educ Spec
Audit Director
Auditor Intermediate
Auditor Principal
Auditor Principal Supervisor
Auditor Senior
Auditor Senior Supervisor
Automobile Driver
Automobile Service Attendant
Automotive Mechanic
Automotive Parts Technician
Aviation Representative

Random Job Titles from Minnesota State Salaries
Mental Health Prog Asst
Jud GAL (Cultural Specialist)
Realty Program Coordinator
Exec Sec Psychology Bd
NR Dir - Fish & Wildlife
Loan Officer Supervisor
Affirmative Action Off 2
NR Spec/CO Unit Leader
Revenue Special Invest 1
Commissioner-Mediation Service

Random Departments from Minnesota State Salaries
Perform Improv & Research Stf
Corporate-Business Tax Group
MVH-Hastings Trans/Grounds
Plant Mgmt Grounds
OSD Facilities Mgmt Section
Appeals Administrator
DWP SWP Hydrology Sup S
FOR R2 Two Harbors
MnSCU St Cloud TC Admin
Enforcement-SIU Admin Support

Random Agencies from Minnesota State Salaries
Teachers Retirement Assoc
Social Work Board
Military Affairs Dept
Asian-Pacific Council
Administrative Hearings
Governors Office
Corrections Dept
Supreme Court
State Auditor
Accountancy Board

Random Locations from Minnesota State Salaries
Location NameZip Code
STAR Program 55155
(I)CS-Field Svs-Milaca 2 56353
Ironworld USA 55719
Lake Maria SP Shop 553623054
Father Hennepin SP Shop 56342
MSOCS FC Shady Grove 55912
Big Bog SRA Office 56685
District 9-Lake of the Woods 56623
Tower Office 557908304
DHS CO Lafayette Rd 55164