Salary record for Pa Kou Stelzner for 2019
Stelzner, Pa Kou
Agency: B82 Public Utilities Comm
Department:B820030 Supervisors & IT
Branch:Code E Executive
Job:Code 1479 Consumer Complaint Mediat 2
Location:Number: B82SP
Zip Code: 551012147
Public Utilities Commission
Reg/Temp:Code: UUnlimited
Classifciation:Code: C
Orginal Hire Date: 1/10/2007 0:00Last Hire Date: 1/10/2007 0:00 Job Entry Date: 10/18/2017 0:00
Full/Part Time:Code: FFull-Time
SalaryPlan Grid: 14GGrade Range: 7 Max Salary Step: 12
Compensetion Rate: 30.25Comp Freq. Code: Comp Freq Desc: Hourly
Position FTE: 1 Active on June 30 2019: Yes
Bargaining Unit: Number: 214 MN Assoc of Professional Empl
Regular WagesOvertime WagesTotal Wages
$ 62,083.06 $ 0.00 $ 62,083.06
Meta Data Information

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