Salary record for Robert Phillips for 2020
Phillips, Robert
Agency: T79 Transportation Dept
Department:T799335 Project Development St Cloud
Branch:Code E Executive
Job:Code 3685 Transp Generalist
Location:Number: T799F
Zip Code: 0
St Cloud
Reg/Temp:Code: UUnlimited
Classifciation:Code: C
Orginal Hire Date: 4/17/2017Last Hire Date: 42842 Job Entry Date: 5/17/2017
Full/Part Time:Code: FFull-Time
SalaryPlan Grid: TSSGrade Range: 67 Max Salary Step: 9
Compensetion Rate: 24.18Comp Freq. Code: Comp Freq Desc: Hourly
Position FTE: 1.00 Active on June 30 2020: Yes
Bargaining Unit: Number: 202 Craft Maintenance Labor
Regular WagesOvertime WagesTotal Wages
$ 48,317.21 $ 0.00 $ 48,317.21
Meta Data Information

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