List of Departments at Minnesota State
Access Control Services
Access Management
Access Mgmt Supv
Accountancy Board
Accountancy Board 2
Accounting & Analysis
Accounting & Auditing Manager
Accounting & Payroll
Accounting Administration
Accounting and Records
Accounting Mgmt
Accounting Operations
Accounting Operations Super
Accounting Staff
Accounting Systems
Accounting Unit
Accounts Payable
Acquisitions Construction
Acquisitions Equipment
ADAD Clinical
ADAD Data Information
ADAD Fiscal/Operations
ADAD Grants Management Section
ADAD Legislative/Communicatns
ADAD Live & Work Out of State
ADAD Native American
ADAD Prevention
ADAD Supervisors
ADAD Tobacco Retailer Inspecto
ADE - Project Delivery
ADE Construction Baxter
ADE Operations Owatonna
ADE Operations Rochester
ADE Program Delivery
ADE Program Support
ADE State Aid
ADM Administration
Adm Employer Services
Adm-SupvCase Work & Education
Admin Administration
Admin Mgmt
Admin Mgr
Admin Simplification Staff
Admin Supp Staff
Admin Support
Administration and MRU
Administration Baxter
Administration Department of
Administration St Cloud
Administration Support
Administrative Services
Administrative Services Office
Administrative Services Unit
Administrative Staff
Administrative Support
Administrative Support Staff
Administrative Support Supv
Administrative Supv
Administrative Unit Staff
Adult Basic Education
AFSCME Seasl w Intermit Appt
AFSCME Temp or Intermit only
AFSCME Unltd and Seasl FT
AFSCME Unltd and Seasl PT
Ag Finance Staff
Ag Finance Supervisor
AG/AS Adult Protection
AG/AS Consumer Choices Team
AG/AS Development & Operations
AG/AS Home & Comm Based Svcs
AG/AS Live Well At Home Grants
AG/AS LTC Ombudsman Admin
AG/AS Ombudsman for Older MN
AG/AS Qual Assurance & Plan
AG/AS Resource Development
Agency Admin/General Support
Agency Facililties Management
Agency Finance & Operations
Agency Operations
Agency Project Planning Staff
Agency Project PlanningManager
Agency Rules Unit
Agency Services
Agency Support Managers
Agency-Wide Develop & Learning
Agency-wide Supports
Aging & Adult Services
AGO Admin - Executive 2
AGO Admin 2 Staff
AGO Admin 4 Staff
AGO Admin 5 Staff
AGO Classified Group 2
AGO Finance 2
AGO IT Support
AGO IT Support 2
AGO Support 2
AGO/Uncl/Legal Assistants
AHS Assistance
Air Patrol Support
Air Patrol Surveilance
Air Quality Permits Unit 3
Alcohol & Gambling Enf Liq Inv
Alcohol & Gambling Enforcement
Alcohol&Gambling Enf Dir Staff
Alternative Dispute Resolution
AMDD Director
AMDD Director Staff
AME Baxter
AME St Cloud
AMH Anoka Float Pool
AMH Anoka Intensive Care Area
AMH Community Relations TM Sup
AMH Consultants
AMH Data Evaluation
AMH Nursing Admin
AMH Operations
Animal Health
Anoka Nursing Hiring Pool
Anoka Subarea
APA Support
APP DEV BI Reporting Supv
App Hosting Storage-Network
App Hosting Unix OpSys
App Portfolio Mgmt & Support
APP Product CFH-CM Sup
APP Product EH Staff
APP Product EH Sup
APP Product HP Staff
APP Product HP Sup
APP Product HPCD Staff
APP Product HRD Staff
APP Product IDEPC Staff
APP Product MEDSS Staff
App Product MnGeo Staff
Appeals & Legal Disclosure
Appeals & Legal Services
Appeals & Regulations
Appeals 1
Appeals 2
Appeals 3
Appeals Administrative Supv
Appeals Administrator
Appellate Office 1
Appellate Office 2
Appellate Office 3
Appellate Office 4
Application Data Services
Application Data Services Staf
Application Development
Application Development Supvs
Application Operations Staff
Application Operations Supv
Application Support
Application Support Sup
Application Svcs-Development
Applications Supervisors
Apprenticeship & Labor Stds
APPs Product Director
Aquisitions IT
Arch Eng L/S L/A Board
Arch Eng L/S L/A Board 2
Arch Eng L/S L/A Manager
Arch Eng L/S L/A Supervisor
Architectural Management
Architecture & Development
Arden Hills Staff
Arden Hills Subarea
Armory Workers-Trng & CommCtrs
Arts Board Communications
Arts Board Management Team
Arts Board Staff
Arts High School Staff
Asbestos Abatement
Asbestos Abatement Supervisor
ASO Technology Department
Asset - CMDB
Asset Services
Asset Services Student Worker
Assistant Divn Dir Staff
Assistant HR Director
Assistant Section Mgmt Sup
Asst Comm CFH Staff
Asst Comm Exec Staff 1
Asst Comm Exec Staff 2
Asst Comm Hlth Improv Bru
Asst Comm Strategic Initatives
Asst Commissioner Non-Reg
Asst Commissioner Regulatory
Asst Commissioners
Asst Commr Health Protection
Asst Division Director Support
Asst HR Director Staff
Asst to the Commissioner
Attorney General's Office
Attorney General's Office/Clas
Attorney General's Office/Temp
Attorney General's Office/Uncl
Attractive Roadsides
Audit Practice
Auditing Billing & Rcvbls

Random Job Titles from Minnesota State Salaries
Wkfrce Dev Fld Opns Area Mgr 2
MnSCU Academic Professional 5
EDP Operations Supervisor 2
MN.IT Division Manager 1
Unemployment Ins Prog Spec 1
Zoo Keeper
Real Estate Specialist
Workforce Development Spec 1
Public Defense Info Tech Sp 5
Exec Dir Beh Hlth & Therapy Bd

Random Departments from Minnesota State Salaries
RC Security Lieutenant 2
Biomon & Emerg Contaminant Sup
Cross Cutting Asst Sect Staff
Plant Mgmt Carpenter Shop
F&W Populations Program
M&P Inspection Central Staff
Tenth Judicial District 3
SCL Psychological Sv Dir Staff

Random Agencies from Minnesota State Salaries
Psychology Board
Water & Soil Resources Board
MN.IT Services Office
Legislative Auditor
Agriculture Dept
Legislative Coordinating Comm
Employ & Econ Development Dept
Military Affairs Dept
Office of Higher Education
Podiatric Medicine Board

Random Locations from Minnesota State Salaries
Location NameZip Code
0380 JS/UI Faribault 550215758
DHS CSS Forensic Buffalo 0
MnSCUTennesseeMountJuliet 0
AGO-1800 BRM 55101
Mille Lacs Kathio SP Cont Sta 56359
District 7-Becker 56501
Moorhead Office 56560
MnSCU Wisconsin New Richmond 0
Weights & Measures-Southwest 553067011
DHS CO Mankato 56001